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Green Quotes

All quotes in the green color aesthetic fall into this category. From images with photos in green color to the simple one-color background. These images can be then effordlessly turned into wallpapers, lock screens, or even posters. You can also use them as posts on any social media – suitable for Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more.

Most of the green quotes you’ll find here are short quotes in English with a range of topics: positive, nature, funny, growth, and many more.

In short, every quote image in green color we’ve ever created, you’ll find here.


If you were looking for quotes about the green color, don’t look any further, we’ve got that also covered. Enjoy the best ones we’ve picked for you.


10 Best Quotes about the Color Green


Green Quotes - Images in Green Color Aesthetic with Quotes


  • “Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.” – Pedro Calderon de la Barca
  • “He had that curious love of green, which in individuals is always the sign of a subtle artistic temperament, and in nations is said to denote a laxity, if not a decadence of morals.” – Oscar Wilde
  • “In the hierarchy of colors, green represents the social middle class, self-satisfied, immovable, narrow…” – Wassily Kandinsky
  • “Green represents the dead image of life.” – Rudolf Steiner
  • “Nature in her green, tranquil woods heals and soothes all afflictions.” – John Muir
  • “Green is the color of the trees – they stand tall and throw shade!” – Shilpa Ahuja
  • “Dark green is my favorite color. It’s the color of nature and the color of money and the color of moss!” – Leonardo DiCaprio
  • “The future will either be green or not at all.” – Bob Brown
  • “Green, how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches.” – Federico García Lorca
  • “Nature’s first green is gold.” – Robert Frost


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