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John Kreese (to Johnny): Sweep the leg. You have a problem with that?

Johnny Lawrence: No, sensei.

John Kreese: No mercy.

(Daniel wins his first fight...)

Ali Mills: All right, Daniel! You're the best! You're the best!

(Song "You're the best" starts)

(Since Mr. Miyagi doesn't believe in the belt system, they don't have any, so he "borrows" one...)

Daniel LaRusso: Where did we get this?

Mr. Miyagi: Uh, Buddha provide.

Daniel LaRusso: You're the best friend I ever had.

Mr. Miyagi: You pretty okay, too.

Daniel LaRusso: You think I stand a chance at the tournament?

Mr. Miyagi: Not matter what Miyagi think. Miyagi not fighting.

Daniel LaRusso: I just don't know if I know enough karate.

Mr. Miyagi: Feeling correct.

Daniel LaRusso: Oh, you sure know how to make a guy feel confident.

Mr. Miyagi: Daniel-San, you trust quality what you know, not quantity.

Daniel LaRusso: You mean, there were times when you were scared to fight?

Mr. Miyagi: Ah, always scared. Miyagi hate fighting.

Daniel LaRusso: Yeah, but you like karate.

Mr. Miyagi: So?

Daniel LaRusso: So karate's fighting. You train to fight.

Mr. Miyagi: That what you think?

Daniel LaRusso: No.

Mr. Miyagi: Then why train?

Daniel LaRusso: So I won't have to fight.

Mr. Miyagi (laughs): Miyagi have hope for you.

(Some guys are drinking and using Mr. Miyagi's car as a bar table...)

Mr. Miyagi: Uh, excuse, please. Boy cold. Must leave. Kindly remove bottle.

Guy: Kindly do it yourself, Mr. Moto.

(Mr. Miyagi breaks three bottle in half with one move)

Daniel LaRusso: How did you do that? How did you do that?

Mr. Miyagi: Don't know. First time.

Daniel LaRusso: What was that you were doing on those stumps over there?

Mr. Miyagi: Called crane technique.

Daniel LaRusso: Does it work?

Mr. Miyagi: If do right, no can defense.

Daniel LaRusso: Could you teach me?

Mr. Miyagi: Ah, first learn stand, then learn fly.

Daniel LaRusso: Yeah...

Mr. Miyagi: Nature rule, Daniel-San. Not mine.

Mr. Miyagi: You karate training.

Daniel LaRusso: I'm what? I'm being your godd*mn slave, is what I'm being, man. We made a deal here.

Mr. Miyagi: So?

Daniel LaRusso: So? So you're supposed to teach and I'm supposed to learn, remember? For four days I've been busting my a$$ and haven't learned a godd*mn thing!

Mr. Miyagi: Ah, you learned plenty.

Daniel LaRusso: I learned plenty. I learned how to sand your decks, maybe, how to wax your car, paint your house, paint your fence. I learned plenty. Right!

Mr. Miyagi: Ah, not everything is as seem.

Daniel LaRusso: Oh, bullsh*t! I'm going home, man.

Mr. Miyagi: Daniel-San. Daniel-San!

Daniel LaRusso: What?

Mr. Miyagi: Come here. Show me sand the floor... Now show me wax on, wax off... Show me paint the fence... Show me paint the house...

(Daniel's karate training begins...)

Mr. Miyagi: Man who catch fly with chopstick, accomplish anything.

Daniel LaRusso: You ever catch one?

Mr. Miyagi: Not yet.

Daniel LaRusso: Can I try?

Mr. Miyagi: If wish.

Daniel LaRusso: Hey, hey, hey, Mr. miyagi, look! Look!

Mr. Miyagi: Hmm. You beginner luck.

Daniel LaRusso: Hey, I guess that means I can accomplish anything, huh, Mr. miyagi?

Mr. Miyagi: Right.

Daniel LaRusso: No sweat.

Mr. Miyagi: But first you accomplish paint fence.

Mr. Miyagi: No more fighting.

John Kreese: This is a karate dojo, not a knitting class.

John Kreese (to Cobra Kai): We do not train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak. Here, on the street, in competition, a man confronts you, he is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy.

Mr. Miyagi: You know how drive?

Daniel LaRusso: Yeah, yeah, I do, really. (Mr. Miyagi hands him the car key) No, no, no, I'm not... I'm not very good at it, Mr. Miyagi.

Mr. Miyagi: Me, neither.

Daniel LaRusso: Well, I really don't have a license.

Mr. Miyagi: Me, neither.

Daniel LaRusso: All right. I guess it's okay, then.

The Karate Kid Quotes

The Karate Kid Quotes


Title: The Karate Kid (1984)
Format: Movie
Genres: Action, Drama, Family
Produced by: Columbia Pictures
Release Date: June 22, 1984

Synopsis / Summary

Daniel and his mother move from New Jersey to California. She has a wonderful new job, but Daniel quickly discovers that a dark haired Italian boy with a Jersey accent doesn’t fit into the blond surfer crowd. Daniel manages to talk his way out of some fights, but he is finally cornered by several who belong to the same karate school. As Daniel is passing out from the beating he sees Miyagi, the elderly gardener leaps into the fray and save him by outfighting half a dozen teenagers. Miyagi and Daniel soon find out the real motivator behind the boys’ violent attitude in the form of their karate teacher. Miyagi promises to teach Daniel karate and arranges a fight at the all-valley tournament some months off. When his training begins, Daniel doesn’t understand what he is being shown. Miyagi seems more interested in having Daniel paint fences and wax cars than teaching him Karate. (IMDb)

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Characters / Cast

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A-Z List of Characters

Character Played by
Daniel LaRusso Ralph Macchio
John Kreese Martin Kove
Johnny Lawrence William Zabka
Mr. Miyagi Pat Morita

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