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Regina George (singing):

♪ I want to watch

The world burn

I brought the gasoline

I want to watch

The world burn

And everyone get mean ♪

Cady Heron: You made me like this. It was your idea for me to pretend to be Plastic!

Janis 'Imi'ike: Buddy, it's not pretend!

Janis 'Imi'ike (singing):

♪ You are as plastic

As they come

You think

Your sh*t don't stink

You think

The rest of us are dumb

I hate Regina's guts

But here's what

You don't comprehend

At least she has the guts

To not pretend

To be my friend! ♪

Cady Heron: Janis, I can't spend every minute with you. It's not my fault you're like obsessed with me or something!

Janis 'Imi'ike: What?

Damian Hubbard: Oh, no, she didn't.

Janis 'Imi'ike: See, this is the problem with you Plastics. You think everyone is obsessed with you when actually everybody hates you.

(Students are laughing at Regina...)

Regina George: Take a picture, losers. It'll last longer.

(The Plastics are doing their "Rockin' Around the Pole" dance at a talent show...)

Damian Hubbard: Thank you, next!

Gretchen Wieners: I think your top is fetch.

Regina George: Gretchen! Stop trying to make "fetch" happen. It's not going to happen.

(At Christmas talent show Damian just ended his performance - a song in French)

Mr. Duvall: Uh, that was Damian Hubbard singing... the iCarly theme song in French for extra credit.

Cady Heron: We're doing a dance in the talent show.

Ms. Norbury: "Rockin' Around the Pole"?

Cady Heron: Yeah, how did you know?

Ms. Norbury: They do it every year. It's like a...

Cady Heron: Tradition?

Ms. Norbury: Recurring nightmare.

Regina George (singing):

♪ Face it, you used me

You saw the sexy clothes

My supermodel pose

What did you know?

Was I a game to you?

Was I a way to be cool?

I truly cared

Was I the fool?

It's fine for you

It's fine to flirt

It's fine

Till someone gets hurt

Feel my heart beating?

I'm just like her or you

People forget I'm human, too ♪

Karen Shetty (singing about Halloween):

♪ I can be a sexy doctor

And cure some sexy cancer! ♪

Karen Shetty: That's not right, is it?

Gretchen Wieners: No.

Karen Shetty: I can sexy cure some cancer?

Gretchen Wieners: No.

Karen Shetty: I can cure sex cancer!

Gretchen Wieners: Sex cancer doesn't exist.

Karen Shetty: I did it.

Gretchen Wieners: Why are you dressed so scary?

Cady Heron: It's Halloween.

Gretchen Wieners: Cady, if you don't dress sl*tty, that is sl*t-shaming us. Um, it's just, like, traditionally, girls had to be witches or clowns and we've worked really hard to progress past that.

Karen Shetty (singing about Halloween):

♪ I can be

Who I want to be and hot!

Be somebody new

Do a total transformation

Animal or mineral, too

Or even vegetation!

I give you sexy corn.

I can be who I want to be

And sexy! ♪

Karen Shetty (singing):

♪ If I could change the world

I'd make it Halloween

Every single day

And also have world peace

Maybe world peace

Should be first

World peace

And then Halloween ♪

Karen Shetty: Wait, let me start over.

Karen Shetty (resumes singing):

♪ If I could change the world

I'd make us have world peace

And also Halloween

Every single day ♪

Aaron Samuels: Hey, my friend Chris is, uh, having a Halloween party. Would you want to come to that? It's like a costume party. People get pretty into it.

Cady Heron: Grool. I meant to say "great," and then I started to say "cool."

Aaron Samuels: Okay. Grool.

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