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Valentine Morgenstern Quotes

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Jace Wayland: If that blood is so evil, why did you put it in me?

Valentine Morgenstern: To fight fire with fire.

Valentine Morgenstern (to Jace): You took to a seraph blade the way a baby takes to a bottle.

Valentine Morgenstern: Look, I know that you have always felt more powerful than everyone else around you. That’s because you are.

Jace Wayland: You experimented on me?

Valentine Morgenstern: I made you stronger, faster… More lethal than any other Shadowhunter.

Jace Wayland: Why?

Valentine Morgenstern: To create the perfect weapon, the ideal marriage of good and evil. A Shadowhunter with pure demon blood.

Jace Wayland: I killed you twice today. You want to go for another round, huh?

Valentine Morgenstern: You’re a born fighter. I like it.

Valentine Morgenstern (to Jace): Your skills may be unparalleled… But your loyalty is sorely lacking.

Valentine Morgenstern (to Jace and Clary): Why are the two of you so drawn together? You are meant to be. Blood calls to blood, no? Ah… My dear family… together at last. A lost mother, found. A brother and sister, finally united.

Valentine Morgenstern (disguised as Michael): I see how attached you are to her, but this kind of thing… doesn’t always make you stronger.

Jace Wayland: Shadowhunters have relationships.

Valentine Morgenstern: Yes, of course. When we find someone, it’s for life. But we’re also warriors, born to serve. And some of us are meant to render greater services than others. I thought you were one of those. Getting involved too deeply with any woman will only weaken your resolve.

Valentine Morgenstern (disguised as Michael to Clary): I’m… I feel as if I know you. You’re so much like your mother. You’re fearless, and loving, and you got a mind of your own. A little stubborn, perhaps? It served Jocelyn well. She hid you from Valentine long enough for you to grow up without him poisoning your mind.

Jace Wayland (about Valentine): Am I wrong to want to kill him?

Valentine Morgenstern (disguised as Michael): Many have tried.

Jace Wayland: I’ll succeed. I swear.

Valentine Morgenstern (disguised as Michael to Jace): You were only eight, but you were so brave. Do you remember what you said? “I’m ready to die.” And then I said, “Sometimes it’s as brave to live as it is to die.”