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Valentine Morgenstern Quotes

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Valentine Morgenstern (to Sebastian): I have always dreamed of creating the ultimate warrior, and now... that dream is a reality. You have always been my greatest creation, son. Always.

Sebastian Morgenstern: You always cared more about the Mortal Instruments than you did your own son.

Valentine Morgenstern: That's not true. Despite everything I've done, I have always... always cared about you.

Sebastian Morgenstern: Do not lie to me. If you truly, truly cared about me, you would have never sent me away.

Valentine Morgenstern: I made a mistake. It was Jace that was...

Sebastian Morgenstern: Shut up!

Valentine Morgenstern: The sword still compels the truth. Jonathan... not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Where I am not haunted by that decision I made. To send you to Edom.

Valentine Morgenstern: Why keep the Verlac boy's visage if you're weaker for it?

Sebastian Morgenstern: I think it rather suits me. Don't you? As does the accent. A bit more... charming than a demonic beast with burnt flesh.

Valentine Morgenstern: I may be in a cell, but at least I'll be in Alicante... where the air doesn't reek of Downworlders.

Jace Herondale: You taught me not to feel. You taught me that "to love is to destroy, and to be loved is to be the one destroyed."

Valentine Morgenstern: And you've proven how right I've been all along. Look at you. Your love for Clary, it will be your downfall.

Valentine Morgenstern (in Magnus's body): Disgusting warlock.

Jace Wayland: You didn’t inject me with demon blood. It was angel blood.

Valentine Morgenstern: You are my greatest achievement, Jace.

Jace Wayland: I’m not your achievement. I’m your son.

Valentine Morgenstern: No, you are not my son. I’m not your father. Jocelyn is not your mother. And Clary… Clary is not your sister.

Valentine Morgenstern (to Clary): I am doing this for you, and for your brother, and for the rest of humanity. Clarissa, this planet is under siege by demon-blooded creatures, intent on death and destruction. Once I wield that sword, the Downworld will no longer be part of our world. And the lives of my children… will be that much safer.

Valentine Morgenstern: I would never willingly let a vampire taste my blood. Do you have any idea what you’ve done?

Jace Wayland: I saved a life.

Valentine Morgenstern: A monster’s life.

Simon Lewis: Clary. She’ll know it’s a trap.

Valentine Morgenstern: Even the sly mouse will walk into a trap if it wants the cheese badly enough. And you, my friend, you’re the cheese.

Valentine Morgenstern: If the angels designed the Sword to rid the world of demons, I’m just ensuring it fulfills its true purpose.

Cleophas: I never wanted this. To torture an angel?

Valentine Morgenstern: It isn’t torture! It’s a means to an end. I can’t believe that you are siding with this dog.

Cleophas: Lucian may be a Downworlder now, but he has more honor than you ever will.

Valentine Morgenstern (to Jace): No matter how hard you fight it, demon blood will make you kill. It starts in a small way. Urges. See, that’s why you want Clary, and that is why you always will.