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Jane Foster: You all right?

Thor: Hammer? Hammer?

Darcy Lewis: Yeah, we can tell you're hammered. It's pretty obvious.

Jane Foster: Oh, my God. Erik, look at this! We have to move quickly before this all changes.

Darcy Lewis: Jane, we have to take him to the hospital.

Thor: Father! Heimdall!

Jane Foster: He's fine, look at him.

Thor: I know you can hear me! Open the Bifrost!

Jane Foster: Hospital. You go, I'lI stay.

Thor: When I'm king, I'lI hunt the monsters down and slay them all! Just as you did, Father.

Odin: A wise king never seeks out war. But he must always be ready for it.

Rocket: Move it or lose it, hairbag.

Thor: Oh, here we are! Tree, good to see you. Well... The Asgardians of the Galaxy back together again.

(Cap picks up Mjolnir and hits Thanos to save Thor...)

Thor: I knew it!

Thor: I love you, Mom.

Frigga: I love you. And eat a salad.

Rocket: Come on. We gotta go.

Frigga: Goodbye.

Rocket: Three... two...

Thor: No, wait! (raises his hand and waits...)

Rocket: Wh... what am I looking at?

Frigga: Oh, sometimes it takes a second.

(Mjolnir lands in Thor's hand)

Thor: I'm still worthy.

Rocket: Oh, boy.

Thor: I was just standing there. Some idiot with an axe.

Frigga: Now, you're no idiot. You're here, aren't you? Seeking counsel from the wisest person in Asgard.

Thor: I am. Yes.

Frigga: Idiot? No. A failure? Absolutely.

Thor: That's a little bit harsh.

Frigga: Do you know what that makes you? Just like everyone else.

Thor: I'm not supposed to be like everyone else, am I?

Frigga: Everyone fails at who they are supposed to be, Thor. The measure of a person, of a hero... is how well they succeed at being who they are.

Thor: I know you think I'm down here wallowing in my own self-pity, waiting to be rescued and and saved, but I'm fine, okay? We're fine, aren't we?

Korg: Oh, we're good here, mate.

Thor: So, whatever it is that you're offering, we're not into it. Don't care. Couldn't care less. Goodbye.

Bruce Banner: We need you, pal.

Rocket: There's beer on the ship.

Thor: What kind?

Korg: Thor, he's back. That kid on the TV just called me a d*ckhead again.

Thor: Noobmaster.

Korg: Yeah, NoobMaster69 called me a d*ckhead.

Thor: I am sick of this. Noobmaster, hey, it's Thor again. You know, the God of Thunder? Listen, bud, if you don't log off this game immediately I am gonna fly over to your house, come down to that basement you're hiding in, rip off your arms and shove them up your butt! Oh, that's right, yes! Go cry to your father, you little weasel!

Korg: Thank you, Thor.

Thor: Let me know if he bothers you again, okay?

Korg: Thank you very much. I will.

Thanos: I am inevitable.

(Thor cuts off his head)

Rocket: What? What did you do?

Thor: I went for the head.

Tony Stark: Romanoff. You and Banner better not be playing "hide the zucchini."

Natasha Romanoff: Relax, shellhead. Not all of us can fly. What's the drill?

Tony Stark: This is the drill. If Ultron gets a hand on the core, we lose.

Thor: Is that the best you can do?

(Ultron calls in his androids)

Steve Rogers: You had to ask.

Ultron: This is the best I can do. This is exactly what I wanted. All of you against all of me. How can you possibly hope to stop me?

Tony Stark: Well, like the old man said... (looks at Steve) together.

Ultron: You think you're saving anyone? I turn that key and drop this rock a little early and it's still billions dead. Even you can't stop that.

Thor: I am Thor, son of Odin, and as long as there is life in my breast... I am running out of things to say! Are you ready?

(Vision hits Ultron with Thor's hammer)

Vision: It's terribly well-balanced.

Thor: Well, if there's too much weight, you lose power on the swing, so...

Ultron: Captain America. God's righteous man. Pretending you could live without a war. I can't physically throw up in my mouth, but...

Thor: If you believe in peace, then let us keep it.

Ultron: I think you're confusing "peace" with "quiet."