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Clary Fray: We have to find Jace. He thinks Valentine did something to him. Raised him to be evil, but... But I know Jace. He's good.

Simon Lewis: He's tough. He can handle himself. Besides... knowing Jace, I give it a week before Valentine's begging us to take him back.

Simon Lewis: Guys, that was incredible. It was like watching the live version of The Graduate. You know, the Dustin Hoffman movie? The amazing one? You were Ben. Elaine! And you were Elaine. I mean, a... a taller, masculine, handsome version of her. But at the altar, though, you were like... Ben! And then... and then now, you're both sitting on the bus at the end of the movie, both totally stoked, but wondering, like... "What're we gonna do now?" You know?

Alec Lightwood: Who invited the vampire?

Isabelle Lightwood: Simon... what makes a bachelor party... a bachelor party?

Simon Lewis: Well, there is a certain bridge and tunnel crowd that would say the answer to that is strippers. But, you know, there's no one right way to throw a bachelor party. It... depends on who's there. Like... they're really about best friends coming together and assuring each other that they're always gonna be best friends. Even if one of them gets married.

Isabelle Lightwood: So it's about solidifying the bonds with the people that are closest to you?

Simon Lewis: That, and a ton of drinking. You have both of those, and your bachelor party will be a success.

Luke Garroway: So, let me guess, your training stalled somewhere around here? Emotions running hot? Anything and everything makes you wanna vamp out?

Simon Lewis: It's like... it's like going through puberty all over again. Just with less zits.

Luke Garroway: It's not that simple.

Simon Lewis: Because vampires and werewolves hate each other?

Luke Garroway: Not all vampires and werewolves.

Raphael Santiago: Have you lost your mind? A Shadowhunter and a werewolf? You do know this isn't a hotel?

Simon Lewis: Technically, it is.

Raphael Santiago: Even starvation can't shut you up.

Clary Fray: Simon, it was my choice. You died. Raphael brought you to us. I had a choice. I could stake your heart or I could... bury you, and you could come back.

Simon Lewis: Oh... Clary, why?

Clary Fray: Because I love you, Simon.

Simon Lewis: You call that love? You brought me back to this? This nothing... where I feed, and I have to hide from the sun, and I can't bear to be by the people that I love? Did you ever think about that, Clary? How I would feel, what I would be?

Clary Fray: Simon, please understand...

Simon Lewis: Just stay away from me.

Camille Belcourt: You see... it's just my blood running through your veins. It can have some curious effects. But I assure you, they're all harmless. In time, they'll fade and you'll return to normal.

Simon Lewis: Thank God. Um... But I'm okay? I'm still human?

Camille Belcourt: Well, of course you are. Or at least you would've been.

Simon Lewis: I... I forgot to turn the oven off at my mom's.

Maureen Brown: Simon, you don't even cook.

Simon Lewis: Right, which is exactly why I probably left it on.

Maureen Brown: You were amazing.

Simon Lewis: Like, Fifty Shades of amazing?

Maureen Brown: Like, Pon farr amazing.

Simon Lewis: I love it when you speak Vulcan.