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Rose Tyler: What? Are you telling me you do dance?

Doctor: 900 years old, me. I've been around a bit. I think you can assume at some point I've danced.

Rose Tyler: You?

Doctor: Problem?

Rose Tyler: Doesn't the universe implode or something if you dance?

Doctor: Well, I've got the moves but I wouldn't want to boast.

Jack Harkness: It's the special features, they really drain the battery.

Rose Tyler: The battery? It's so lame.

Jack Harkness: I was going to send for another one but somebody's got to blow up the factory.

Rose Tyler: I know. First day I met him, he blew my job up. That's practically how he communicates.

Doctor: Can you sense it?

Jack Harkness: Sense what?

Doctor: Coming out of the walls. Can you feel it? Funny little human brains. How do you get around in those things?

Rose Tyler: When he's stressed, he likes to insult species.

Doctor: Rose, I'm thinking!

Rose Tyler: He cuts himself shaving. He does half an hour on life-forms he's cleverer than.

Jack Harkness: It's a con. I was conning you. That's what I am, I'm a con man. Thought you were Time Agents. You're not, are you?

Rose Tyler: Just a couple more freelancers.

Jack Harkness: Oh! Should've known, the way you guys are blending in with the local color. Flag Girl was bad enough, but U-boat Captain?

Jack Harkness (to Doctor): Jack Harkness. I've been hearing all about you on the way over.

Rose Tyler: He knows, I had to tell him. About us being Time Agents.

Jack Harkness: And it's a real pleasure to meet you, Mr. Spock.

Doctor: Mr. Spock?

Rose Tyler: What was I supposed to say? You don't have a name. Don't you ever get tired of "Doctor"? Doctor who?

Doctor: Nine centuries in, I'm coping.

(Rose is caught in a tractor beam in the air...)

Jack Harkness: Ready for you. Hold tight.

Rose Tyler: To what?

Jack Harkness: Fair point.

Rose Tyler: What's the emergency?

Doctor: It's mauve.

Rose Tyler: Mauve?

Doctor: Universally recognized color for danger.

Rose Tyler: What happened to red?

Doctor: That's just humans. By everyone else's standards, red's camp. Oh, the misunderstandings. All those red alerts, all that dancing.

Doctor: When we met I said, "Travel with me in space." You said, "No." Then I said, "Time machine."

Rose Tyler: It wasn't some big plan. I just saw it happening, and I thought, "I can stop it."

Doctor: I did it again. I picked another stupid ape. I should have known. It's not about showing you the universe. it never is. It's about the universe doing something for you.

Rose Tyler: So it's okay when you go to other times and you save people's lives but not when it's me saving my dad?

Doctor: I know what I'm doing, you don't.

Henry van Statten (to the Doctor): Quite a collector yourself, she's rather pretty.

Rose Tyler: She's gonna smack you if you keep calling her "she."

Slitheen (to the Doctor): Who are you if not human?

Harriet Jones: Who's not human?

Rose Tyler: He's not.

Harriet Jones: He's not human? But he's got a northern accent.

Rose Tyler: Lots of planets have a north.

Rose Tyler: When you say 900 years...

Doctor: That's my age.

Rose Tyler: You're 900 years old.

Doctor: Yeah.

Rose Tyler: My mum was right. That is one hell of an age gap. Every conversation with you just goes mental. There's no-one else I can talk to! I've seen all that stuff, up there, the size of it, and I can't say a word. Aliens and spaceships and things... and I'm the only person on planet Earth who knows they exist.