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Rose Tyler: She's never going to forgive me. And I missed a year. Was it good?

Doctor: Middling.

Rose Tyler: You're so useless.

Doctor: Well, if it's this much trouble, are you gonna stay here now?

Rose Tyler: I dunno. Can't do that to her again, though.

Doctor: Well, she's not coming with us.

Rose Tyler: No chance!

Doctor: I don't do families.

Rose Tyler: She slapped you!

Doctor: 900 years of time and space - I've never been slapped by someone's mother.

Rose Tyler: Your face.

Doctor: It hurt!

Rose Tyler: You're so gay!

Rose Tyler: I meant to phone, I really did. I just... I forgot.

Jackie Tyler: For a year? You forgot for a year, and I'm left sitting here?! I just don't believe you! Why won't you tell me where you've been?

Doctor: Actually, it's my fault. I sort of... employed Rose as my companion.

Policeman: When you say companion, is this a sexual relationship?

Doctor and Rose (at the same time): No!

Jackie Tyler: Then what is it? Because you...! You waltz in here, all charm and smiles, and the next thing I know, she vanishes off the face of the Earth! How old are you then, 40, 45? What, did you find her on the Internet, go online and pretend you're a doctor?

Doctor: I am a doctor.

Jackie Tyler: Prove it. Stitch this, mate. (slaps him)

Rose Tyler: What's that face for? It's not the first time I've stayed out all night.

Jackie Tyler: It's you.

Rose Tyler: Course it's me.

Jackie Tyler: Oh, my God, it's you. Oh, my God.

Doctor: I-It's not 12 hours, it's 12 months. You've been gone a whole year. Sorry!

Gwyneth: I bet you've got dozens of servants.

Rose Tyler: No, no servants where I'm from.

Gwyneth: And you've come such a long way.

Rose Tyler: What makes you think so?

Gwyneth: You're from London. I've seen London in drawings, but never like that, all those people rushing about. Half-naked, for shame. And the noise... and the metal boxes racing past... and the birds in the sky! No, no, they're metal as well. Metal birds with people in them. People are flying. And you. You've flown so far. Further than anyone. The things you've seen. The darkness. The big bad wolf.

Doctor: You think it'll last forever, people and cars and concrete. But it won't. One day, it's all gone. Even the sky. My planet's gone. It's dead. It burned, like the Earth. It's just rocks and dust. Before its time.

Rose Tyler: What happened?

Doctor: There was a war, and we lost.

Rose Tyler: A war with who? What about your people?

Doctor: I'm a Time Lord. I'm the last of the Time Lords. They're all gone. I'm the only survivor. I'm left travelling on my own cos there's no-one else.

Rose Tyler: There's me.

Doctor: You've seen how dangerous it is. D'you wanna go home?

Rose Tyler: I don't know. I want... Can you smell chips?

Doctor: Yeah. Yeah!

Rose Tyler: I want chips.

Doctor: Me too.

Rose Tyler: Right, then. Before you get me back in that box, chips it is. And you can pay.

Doctor: No money.

Rose Tyler: What sort of date are you? Come on, then, tightwad. Chips are on me.

(Rose hangs up the phone, she was talking with her mother back home, while she's 5 billion years in future...)

Rose Tyler: That was five billion years ago. So... She's dead now. Five billion years later, my mum's dead.

Doctor: Bundle of laughs, you are.

Rose Tyler: All right. As my mate Shireen says, don't argue with the designated driver. Can't exactly call for a taxi. No signal. We're out of range. Just a bit.

(Doctor takes her phone)

Doctor: Tell you what. With a little bit of jiggery-pokery...

Rose Tyler: Is that a technical term, jiggery-pokery?

Doctor: Yes, I came first in jiggery-pokery. What about you?

Rose Tyler: No, failed hullabaloo.

Doctor: Aw. There you go.

Doctor: What d'you think, then?

Rose Tyler: Great, yeah. Fine. Once you get past the slightly psychic paper. They're just so alien! The aliens are so alien. You look at 'em... and they're alien.

Doctor: Good thing I didn't take you to the deep South.

Rose Tyler: I've got to go and find my mum and someone's got to look after this stupid lump. So...

Doctor: OK. See you around.

(Doctor gets into the TARDIS and flies away...)

Rose Tyler (to Mickey): Come on, let's go.

(Doctor appears again...)

Doctor: By the way, did I mention it also travels in time?

Rose Tyler (to Mickey): Thanks.

Mickey Smith: Thanks for what?

Rose Tyler: Exactly.

(Rose runs into the TARDIS)

Doctor: First, I've got to find it. How can you hide something that big in a city this small?

Rose Tyler: Hold on. Hide what?

Doctor: A transmitter. The Consciousness is controlling every single piece of plastic, so it needs a transmitter to boost the signal.

Rose Tyler: What does it look like?

Doctor: Like a transmitter! Round and massive... somewhere slap banging in the middle of London. (Stops walking and has the view on the London Eye behind him) A huge, metal, circular structure, like a dish, like a wheel, radial, close to where we're standing, it must be completely invisible. (Rose is looking at the London Eye) What? What? What is it? What? Oh. (he finally gets it) Fantastic!

Doctor: Right. Where d'you want to start?

Rose Tyler: Um... The inside's bigger than the outside.

Doctor: Yes.

Rose Tyler: It's... alien.

Doctor: Yep...

Rose Tyler: Are you alien?

Doctor: Yes. Is that all right?

Rose Tyler: Yeah.

Rose Tyler: But who is he? Who d'you think he is?

Clive: I think he's the same man. I think he's immortal. I think he's an alien from another world.

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