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Rocket: Now, this is important. Once the battery is removed, everything is gonna slam into emergency mode. Once we have it, we gotta move quickly, so you definitely need to get that last. (Groot takes out the battery) Or we could just get it first and improvise.

Gamora: How are we supposed to do that?

Rocket: Well, supposably, these bald-bodies find you attractive. So, maybe you can work out some sort of trade.

Gamora: You must be joking.

Rocket: No, I really heard they find you attractive.

Groot: I am Groot.

Peter Quill: Well, that's just as fascinating as the first 89 times you told me that. What is wrong with Giving Tree, here?

Rocket: Well, he don't know talking good like me and you. So his vocabulistics is limited to "I" and "am" and "Groot." Exclusively in that order.

Peter Quill: I tell you what, that's gonna wear real thin, real fast.

Rocket (to Gamora): Pretty high and mighty coming from the lackey of a genocidal maniac. Yeah, I know who you are. Anyone who's anyone knows who you are.

Peter Quill: Yeah, we know who you are. (to Groot): Who is she?

Groot: I am Groot.

Peter Quill: Yeah, you said that.

Peter Quill: I've had a lot of folks try to kill me over the years. I ain't about to be brought down by a tree and a talking raccoon.

Rocket: What's a raccoon?

Peter Quill: "What's a raccoon?" It's what you are, stupid.

Rocket: Ain't no thing like me, except me.

Rocket: Move it or lose it, hairbag.

Thor: Oh, here we are! Tree, good to see you. Well... The Asgardians of the Galaxy back together again.

Thor: I love you, Mom.

Frigga: I love you. And eat a salad.

Rocket: Come on. We gotta go.

Frigga: Goodbye.

Rocket: Three... two...

Thor: No, wait! (raises his hand and waits...)

Rocket: Wh... what am I looking at?

Frigga: Oh, sometimes it takes a second.

(Mjolnir lands in Thor's hand)

Thor: I'm still worthy.

Rocket: Oh, boy.

Rocket (to Thor): You think you're the only one who lost people? What do you think we're doing here? I lost the only family I ever had. Quill, Groot, Drax, the chick with the antenna, all gone.

Thor: I know you think I'm down here wallowing in my own self-pity, waiting to be rescued and and saved, but I'm fine, okay? We're fine, aren't we?

Korg: Oh, we're good here, mate.

Thor: So, whatever it is that you're offering, we're not into it. Don't care. Couldn't care less. Goodbye.

Bruce Banner: We need you, pal.

Rocket: There's beer on the ship.

Thor: What kind?

Thanos: I am inevitable.

(Thor cuts off his head)

Rocket: What? What did you do?

Thor: I went for the head.

Rocket: Who here hasn't been to space? (Natasha, Rhodey and Steve raise their hands) You better not throw up on my ship.

Rocket: How much for the gun?

Bucky Barnes: Not for sale.

Rocket: Okay, how much for the arm? (Bucky gives him a look and leaves) Oh, I'll get that arm.

Groot: I am Groot.

Rocket: Tinkle in the cup. We're not looking. What's there to see? What's a twig? Everybody's seen a twig.

Groot: I am Groot!

Thor: Tree, pour what's in the cup out into space and go in the cup again.

Rocket: You speak Groot?

Thor: Yes, they taught it on Asgard. It was an elective.

Peter Quill: You'll not, be taking our pod today, sir.

Rocket: Quill. Are you making your voice deeper?

Peter Quill: No.

Drax: You are. You're imitating the god-man. It's weird.

Peter Quill: No I'm not.

Mantis: He just did it again!

Peter Quill: This is my voice!

Thor: Are you mocking me?

Peter Quill: Are you mocking me?

Thor: You just did it again.

Peter Quill: He's trying to copy me.

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