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(Fury and Priscilla both shoot at each other and both intentionally miss...)

Nick Fury (to Priscilla): I'm not sure if this means we should get divorced, or we should renew our vows.

Nick Fury (to Priscilla): Of all the dumba$$, wrongheaded, reckless things I've done in my life, you are by far and away the greatest mistake. I lost all my reason to be your husband. Ignored every signal in my head, heart and body that screamed, "Stop!" Even now, as I sit here, knowing you plan to kill me with that pistol of yours, I don't know that if I had a chance to do it over again, that I'd do anything different.

Bob in Talos' voice: Sorry, Nick. I was busy kicking Bob's ass. Second floor. Last door down the hall.

Nick Fury: Copy that. (Fury enters the room with Bob's son as hostage) Nobody calls me Nick, Bob.

Talos: You in position?

Nick Fury: Worry about your own damn self.

Talos: Do me a favor, Fury. Don't ever change.

(After Talos's long monologue in the car...)

Talos: What'd you stop for?

Nick Fury: We're here.

Talos: At Bob's?

Nick Fury: Yeah, Bob. Remember Bob? The guy that'll launch a nuclear attack?

Talos: All right, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that.

Nick Fury: No, that's'cause you were too busy riding the "we did that" wave. You got any more abuse you wanna hurl my way? Or are you ready to go in here and take care of Bob? And then I get to say, "We did that."

Talos: We can do that.

Sonya Falsworth: First, I want an apology.

Nick Fury: I just gave away the only one of those I had today.

Nick Fury: I got a lead on a rebel Skrull that's high up in the U.S. government, and he's in London right now.

Talos: And?

Nick Fury: And?

Talos: Yeah, and what can I do for you? How can I help you, my friend?

Nick Fury: I just told you.

Talos: No, you told me that you've got a line on a Skrull that's up in the U.S. government and... That it's understood that you think that implies that I should just sort of leap up and take this opportunity to just help you, like that. Those days are gone, so I'm gonna need you to, you know, use your words. Say the words.

Nick Fury: Say what words?

Talos: "Help me, Talos, 'cause I'm useless without you."

Nick Fury: Help me, Talos, 'cause I am useless without you.

Scilla: Any plans for the downtime?

Nick Fury: Well, you know, I never cared much for golf, so... I'm thinking I may take up... revenge.

Nick Fury: Are you seriously under the impression that just because you strip me of my titles, I relinquish my DNA?

Rhodey: Careful, Fury. And you wonder why you're out.

Nick Fury: I'm Nick Fury. Even when I'm out, I'm in.

Nick Fury: They sent you to fire me?

Rhodey: Nobody sent me. I volunteered.

Nick Fury (to Rhodey): Men who look like us don't get promoted because of who our daddies know. Every ounce of power we wrestle from the vice grip of the mediocre Alexander Pierces who run this world was earned in blood. So let's make the power mean something. Help a brother out.

France's Representative: How do you explain Mr. Fury's presence in Moscow?

Rhodey: Uh, alleged. Alleged presence, madam.

(Slovakia's representative turns to her collegues and rolls her eyes disagreeing)

Rhodey (to a secretary): If Slovakia rolls its eyes at me one more time, I'm gonna put on the suit and carpet bomb it.

(Few moments later...)

Nick Fury: You sound frustrated. What's the matter? Croatia talking crap?

Rhodey: Slovakia.

Nick Fury: Well, carpet-bomb their a$$.

Talos: My hope... My hope is that with your help... Skrulls and humans can coexist, here on Earth.

Nick Fury: Human can't coexist with each other! You've been here long enough to know that! We've been at war with each other since we could walk upright! There is not enough room or tolerance on this planet for another species! Matter of fact, neither is this train compartment. I think this is your stop.

Maria Hill: Making friends with the locals? (Fury bought drinks for guys in the Russian bar)

Nick Fury: How do you think we kept the Cold War from going hot? Spooks like me buying shots.

Maria Hill: You can't say that.

Nick Fury: No. You can't say that.

Nick Fury: Not bad for a 136-year-old.

Talos: Well, you know, I'm not even 40 in human years. I haven't even gone on my midlife crisis shopping spree yet. Hey. What'd you get for yours?

Nick Fury: The Avengers.

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