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Talos (about Sonya): She's cheeky.

Nick Fury: Yeah, 'till she sees an ugly-a$$ Skrull like you. Then she goes into hunting mode.

Talos: I'm considered good-looking amongst my kind.

Nick Fury: I know a bunch of good-looking Skrull. And you ain't one of them.

Nick Fury: I'm the last person standing between them and what they really want.

Nick Fury: This war is one I have to fight. Alone.

Nick Fury: Before it was torn apart, S.H.I.E.L.D. was a lot of moving parts. But guys like you were the heart. Now... You'll be the head. (gives Coulson a cube)

Phil Coulson: What is it?

Nick Fury: A toolbox. To help you build it back up.

Phil Coulson: You want me to start over? Rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Nick Fury: From scratch. Take your time. And do it right.

Nick Fury: I went to great pains to make sure you didn't die the first time.

Phil Coulson: Well, now's probably not the best time, but I'd like to have a lengthy conversation with you about that. It might get loud.

Nick Fury: And I owe you that, but right now, we owe Garrett a punch in the teeth. Wouldn't you say?

Nick Fury: Really? Really, Coulson? Six days? It only took you six days to take a completely renovated piece of state-of-the-an machinery, and turn it into scrap?

Phil Coulson: My team acted with my authority.

Nick Fury: Don't talk to me about authority. Do you know how much this plane cost? It's got a bar. A really nice one. Talking to me about authority. You know, I have the authority to downgrade your ass to a Winnebago.

Phil Coulson: I'm aware of that, sir.

Nick Fury: Well, I want it fixed just like you found it. So don't have Fitz-Simmons going making modifications like a damn fish tank.

Phil Coulson: Yes, sir.

(After Fury leaves...)

Phil Coulson: Yeah, we're gonna have to kill the fish tank.

Nick Fury: Now this, on the other hand, is Agent Romanoff's assessment of you. Read it.

Tony Stark: "Personality overview. Mr Stark displays compulsive behaviour." In my own defence, that was last week. "Prone to self-destructive tendencies." I was dying. I mean, please. And aren't we all? "Textbook narcissism"? Agreed. Okay, here it is. "Recruitment assessment for Avenger Initiative. Iron Man? Yes." I gotta think about it.

Nick Fury: Read on.

Tony Stark: "Tony Stark not... Not recommended"? That doesn't make any sense. How can you approve me but not approve me? I got a new ticker. I'm trying to do right by Pepper. I'm in a stable-ish relationship.

Nick Fury: Which leads us to believe at this juncture we'd only like to use you as a consultant.

Tony Stark: You can't afford me.

Natasha Romanoff: We've secured the perimeter, but I don't think we should hold it for too much longer.

Tony Stark: You're fired.

Natasha Romanoff: That's not up to you.

Tony Stark: Tony, I want you to meet Agent Romanoff.

Nick Fury: Sir! I'm gonna have to ask you to exit the donut.

Tony Stark: I told you I don't wanna join your super-secret boy band.

Sam Wilson: 41st floor! 41st!

Nick Fury: It's not like they put the floor numbers on the outside of the building.

Steve Rogers: We're not just taking down the carriers, Nick. We're taking down S.H.I.E.L.D.

Nick Fury: S.H.I.E.L.D. had nothing to do with this.

Steve Rogers: You gave me this mission. This is how it ends. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been compromised. You said so yourself. HYDRA grew right under your nose and nobody noticed.

Nick Fury: Why do you think we're meeting in this cave? I noticed.

Steve Rogers: How many paid the price before you did?

Nick Fury: Look, I didn't know about Barnes.

Steve Rogers: Even if you had, would you have told me? Or would you have compartmentalised that, too? S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA, it all goes.

Nick Fury: Last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye.

Nick Fury: "I am Iron Man." You think you're the only superhero in the world? Mr Stark, you've become part of a bigger universe. You just don't know it yet.

Tony Stark: Who the hell are you?

Nick Fury: Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm here to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative.

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