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Missy Cooper: Can you help me?

Georgie Cooper: With what?

Missy Cooper: I don't understand my homework.

Georgie Cooper: You're asking me? I don't understand my own homework.

Missy Cooper: I know, but you're all I got.

Georgie Cooper: What kind of homework is it?

Missy Cooper: Grammar.

Georgie Cooper: I ain't great with grammar.

Missy Cooper: Well, grammar's just talking, and we both talk good.

Georgie Cooper: I guess. Gimme.

Mary Cooper: It's interesting that an adult would need his mother to sign a consent form.

Missy Cooper: And here we go.

Sheldon Cooper: I don't need you to sign it, the school does.

Mary Cooper: So you're saying even the school doesn't think that you're mature enough to make all your own decisions.

Sheldon Cooper (narration): In that moment, I was so angry with her, I almost opened the jar.

Mary Cooper: Sweetie, is someone bothering you?

Sheldon Cooper: Yes.

Mary Cooper: Who is it?

Sheldon Cooper: I'd rather not talk about it.

Mary Cooper: No, I want a name right now. (to Missy): Have you been hurting him?

Missy Cooper: Only with my words.

Meemaw: What do you think, George? Is it time to have "the talk" with him?

Missy Cooper: What talk?

Mary Cooper: No talk. Nobody's talking.

Sheldon Cooper: If "the talk" is in regards to human reproduction, I already understand how that works.

Mary Cooper: How do you know that?

Missy Cooper: I told him.

Mary Cooper: Oh, Lord.

Mary Cooper (to Sheldon): What on earth do we need a computer for?

Missy Cooper: Yeah, we got you and your big head.

Sheldon Cooper: Oh, no. We're going to jail.

Missy Cooper: Georgie's going to jail. I'm saying I was kidnapped.

Mary Cooper: You want me to cook those eggs for you, baby?

Missy Cooper: No. They're a gift.

Mary Cooper: Sorry.

Missy Cooper: He even wrote me a note. "Eggs from your secret admirer, Billy."

Missy Cooper: 95, 96, 97. 98. 99, 100... (counts brush strokes through her hair)

Sheldon Cooper: You missed 11 numbers.

Missy Cooper: I don't need to be good at math. I have beautiful hair.

Sheldon Cooper: That's the saddest thing I've ever heard.

Sheldon Cooper: I'll go with you, Mom.

Missy Cooper: Why are you going? You don't believe in God.

Sheldon Cooper: No, but I believe in Mom.

Missy Cooper: You're gonna get your a$$ kicked in high school.

Sheldon Cooper: I'm not going to be assaulted. High school is a haven for higher learning.

George Cooper Sr.: Oh, dear God.