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Maia Roberts Quotes

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Maia Roberts: Don't you realize you have what every Downworlder wants?

Simon Lewis: A winning personality! You noticed!

Maia Roberts: The chance at living a normal life. Simon, you hit the jackpot!

Simon Lewis: I never hit the jackpot!

Maia Roberts: I’m actually happy I didn’t maul you to death.

Jace Wayland: Why? So you can slowly annoy me to death instead?

Simon Lewis: And all I wanted to do tonight was prove to myself that I’m not…

Maia Roberts: In love with your best friend?

Simon Lewis: Not where I thought this was going.

Maia Roberts: But it’s the truth, right? You’re in love with Clary.

Simon Lewis: How do you know?

Maia Roberts: I have superior instincts for these sort of things, and… I also have ears of a wolf. I hear everything.

Simon Lewis: Bloody Mary?

Maia Roberts: Minus the Mary. Eternally underaged, remember?

Simon Lewis: Yes. Forever in need of a fake ID.

Maia Roberts: Luke, you’ve gotta fight. And those that care about you will fight with you.

Luke Garroway: You gotta fight. And those who care about you… they’ll fight with you.

Maia Roberts: I don’t have anyone that cares about me.

Luke Garroway: You do now.

Simon Lewis: I was holed up at home with… with nothing to feed on. No food. And we’ve been having, like, a… a rodent problem lately.

Maia Roberts: You didn’t.

Simon Lewis: Oh, yeah. I did. My mom walked in on me just sucking the blood out of a rat.

Maia Roberts: That’s so vile.

Simon Lewis: Munching down.

Maia Roberts: Yuck, but it could be worse. You could’ve been sucking on a rat naked.

Simon Lewis: You know, and just when I thought I was starting to get the hang of… it, I sank to the all… all-time low.

Maia Roberts: What happened? Oh, now you’re quiet?

Maia Roberts: Best friends, huh?

Simon Lewis: Mmm-hmm.

Maia Roberts: There some other guy she’s into?

Simon Lewis: Here. I’ll drive.

Maia Roberts: One condition.

Simon Lewis: Yeah.

Maia Roberts: We keep the talking to a minimum. Yeah?