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Lyanna Mormont: I have trained my men, women and children. I have fought before. I can fight again.

Jorah Mormont: Please, listen to me. You're the future of our house.

Lyanna Mormont: I don't need you to remind me of that.

Jorah Mormont: You'll be safer in the crypt. These things we're fighting...

Lyanna Mormont: I will not hide underground. I pledged to fight for the North, and I will fight.

Lyanna Mormont: Your son was butchered at the Red Wedding, Lord Manderly, but you refused the call. You swore allegiance to House Stark, Lord Glover, but in their hour of greatest need, you refused the call. And you, Lord Cerwyn, your father was skinned alive by Ramsay Bolton. Still you refused the call. But House Mormont remembers. The North remembers. We know no king but the King in the North whose name is Stark. I don't care if he's a b*stard. Ned Stark's blood runs through his veins. He's my king from this day until his last day.

Lyanna Mormont: House Mormont has kept faith with House Stark for 1,000 years. We will not break faith today.

Jon Snow: Thank you, my lady. How many fighting men can we expect?

Lyanna Mormont: 62.

Jon Snow: 62?

Lyanna Mormont: We are not a large house, but we're a proud one. And every man from Bear Island fights with the strength of 10 mainlanders.

Davos Seaworth: If they're half as ferocious as their lady, the Boltons are doomed.

Lyanna Mormont (to Jon): I think we've had enough small talk. Why are you here?

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