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Tomas: Where is Kate Bishop?

Clint Barton: I've never met her. I have no idea.

Tomas: Come on! Where is Kate Bishop?

Clint Barton: Who are you talking about?

(Kate falls throught the glass roof straight in the middle of this conversation...)

Ivan (to Tomas): Bro, I found her.

Kate Bishop: Oh, my God. Oh, wow. Didn't realize we were supposed to bring guns.

Eleanor Bishop: Why don't you start by apologizing to Jack?

Kate Bishop: Sorry for scaring you into telling the truth.

Jack Duquesne: Smart as a whip, this one, huh?

Clint Barton: Again, not really trying to sell anything.

Kate Bishop: But you do, anyway.

Clint Barton: Yeah, okay, Kate. Um, what am I selling, then, huh? It's certainly not Halloween costumes or toys off the shelf.

Kate Bishop: Inspiration, Clint.

Kate Bishop: Your problem is branding. Your whole thing is that you're low-key. It's a very hard brand to sell.

Clint Barton: Well, I'm not really trying to sell anything.

(Kate walks in, holding a frozen pizza box on her forehead...)

Clint Barton: What?

Kate Bishop: Multitasking. Reducing swelling. Thawing out Pizza Dog's breakfast.

Clint Barton: Is that the, uh, dog's name?

Kate Bishop: He doesn't have a name. It's more of a title of nobility. Like Earl of Sandwich.

Clint Barton: Tracksuit Mafia.

Kate Bishop: That's their name? That's a little on the nose, don't you think?

Kate Bishop: I need to protect us.

Eleanor Bishop: Kate, that's my job. Okay? Whatever you need, I'm here for you.

Kate Bishop: I need a bow and arrow.

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