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John Bennett: Man, mirrors in horror movies are like a huge red flag.

Ted: Mirrors and small children pointing at things that you can't see.

John Bennett: Oh, sh*t. Yeah, that's a bad one. Oh, and when the Black guy says, oh, I'll go check out what the noise is in the basement. That's always trouble.

Ted: Yeah, why does the Black guy always die?

John Bennett: Yeah, isn't that kind of racist?

Ted: Seems like it.

John Bennett: They should have only white people in those movies.

Ted: Oh, yeah, so then the Black guys won't get killed. Blaire, we just came up with a great way to make movies less racist.

John Bennett (to Blaire): I'll tell you one thing. I would never watch p*rn again. Even if it was everywhere, all the time. Even if I had, like, a weird, little device in my pocket that would give it to me whenever I wanted so I could jerk off at a moment's notice. No. Never again.

Narrator: John kept his promise. For the next two years. Then, within five minutes of discovering the internet, he pulled on his p*nis so hard, it damn near came off. That didn't deter him from masturbating four more times before going to a local urgent care, where he waited eight hours in line behind dozens of other men who had also nearly pulled their p*nises off after discovering the internet. And now, today, anyone you talk to has jerked off within the last 20 minutes. This is Ian McKellen, reminding you: don't shake anyone's hand. Good night.

John Bennett: We have to run away, never to return.

Ted: I see no other option.

John Bennett: I'm going to miss this house. Goodbye, water-stained ceilings.

Ted: Goodbye, silverware drawer that doesn't close all the way.

John Bennett: Goodbye, windows painted shut.

Ted: Goodbye, door you have to lean on to close.

John Bennett: Goodbye, peeling wallpaper that reveals other wallpaper.

Ted: Goodbye, carpet that's never been dry.

John Bennett: Goodbye, unpermitted bathroom addition.

Ted: Goodbye, lamp that shocks you every time you touch it.

John Bennett: Goodbye, picture of a pope from two popes ago.

Ted: Goodbye, plastic bag full of plastic bags.

John Bennett: Goodbye, medicine cabinet with black mold in the corner.

Ted: Jesus, let's get the f**k out of here.

John Bennett: Yeah, no sh*t.

Ted: Blaire, be a pal, huh? Just this once.

John Bennett: I'm basically an adult already, OK? I just want to watch an adult movie.

Blaire Bennett: All right, fine.

John Bennett: What?

Ted: What?

Blaire Bennett: I don't have time to stand here all day and argue. OK, just go wait in the car.

Ted: Holy sh*t. F**king awesome! Wow, Thank you so much! Blaire, this is f**king awesome! Thank you so much!

John Bennett: Oh, my God, Blaire! You're f**king amazing, Blaire! Thank you so much! Oh, you're the f**king best!

Ted: Oh, and whatever seems grossest to you, that's probably what we're going to like.

John Bennett: Jurassic Park. It's, like, the greatest movie I've ever f**king seen, like, ever.

Ted: Yeah, Spielberg actually got real dinosaurs.

Blaire Bennett: Uh, yeah, I don't think so.

Ted: No, he did.

John Bennett: No, he did. He totally did. There's no other explanation.

Blaire Bennett: I promise you guys he did not get real dinosaurs.

Ted: Well, that's-that's a ignorant thing to say, Blaire, when you didn't see the movie.

John Bennett: Yeah, no, he made "ET" and he made "Jaws" and this was his reward. He got real dinosaurs to play with. It all adds up.

Blaire Bennett: How can you watch that sh*t? It's just car chases and blowing stuff up.

John Bennett: Why did you just say two good things as if they're two bad things?

(Eating Oreos while high...)

Ted: These are so good.

John Bennett: So good.

Ted: And look at the intricate carvings.

John Bennett: Yeah. Yeah, is this some Illuminati sh*t?

Ted: That's what I've heard. Like, if you can decipher what's on an Oreo, you can know the mind of God.

John Bennett: I heard no two Oreos are alike.

Ted: Hey. What a great conversation.

Ted: Maybe I could just tell Matty to go f**k himself.

John Bennett: No way, dude, my dad's a sad*st. He thought Vietnam was fun.

Ted: Jesus, really?

John Bennett: Yeah, he cried when the helicopters came to pick him up. You don't want to piss him off, man. He'll kick you out of the house. You'll starve.

(Bet to make Susan swear...)

John Bennett: I win. Pay up. (Ted gives him money) Thank you. Wait, you're not wearing pants. Where'd you get this?

Ted: Don't you worry about where I'm keeping stuff.

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John Bennett is a character from Ted

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John Bennett has a best friend Ted, who is a teddy bear. Ted came alive after John wished to be with him forever, when he was 8 years old.

John Bennett is played by the actor Max Burkholder.

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