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Jack Kline: I can't... think about losing him or... or Sam or you. I-I just... I hate... I hate thinking about it.

Castiel: Yeah. So do I. But, Jack... you know, Sam and Dean, they're human, and they're very extraordinary, brave, special humans, but they're... They're still humans. And humans burn bright, but for a very brief time compared to, you know, things like us. And eventually, they're gone, even the very best ones, and we have to carry on. It's just... It's part of growing up.

Jack Kline: Losing people?

Castiel: Yes.

Jack Kline: What's the point?

Castiel: The point?

Jack Kline: What's the point of being a cosmic being if everyone I care about is just gonna... leave?

Castiel: The point is that they were here at all and you got to know them, you... When they're gone, it will hurt, but that hurt will remind you of how much you loved them.

Jack Kline: That sounds... awful.

Castiel: It is. But it's also living. So when Dean wakes up... And he will wake up... We just have to remember to appreciate the time that we all have together now.

Sam Winchester: Maggie says decapitation is the only way to kill these things.

Dean Winchester: But if we cut off their head, then is more creatures gonna crawl out?

Jack Kline: Wait. Other creatures?

Sam Winchester: H-He's talking about "Clash of the Titans" again.

Dean Winchester: We don't know...

Sam Winchester: Okay, so, we've made some progress.

Dean Winchester: This is like an A.V. Club presentation.

Jack Kline: What's an A.V. Club?

Castiel: It's a special group for people who do not play sports.

Dean Winchester: Yeah, him. (points at Cas) He's A.V. Club.

Rowena: Excuse me, boys, but this is a bit more pressing than your hilarious banter.

Jack: You don't know anything about Dean.

Michael: I'm in his head... literally. I know everything. Like, I know how sad he was when you died... on the outside. On the inside, well, it's not that he was happy... he just didn't care. 'Cause you're not Sam. You're not Cas. You're a new burden that he was handed. You're a weak, helpless thing. You think that they care about you, love you? You're a job, a job none of them wanted.

Castiel: You know, The Empty said that it wouldn't come for me until I had finally given myself permission to be happy, but with everything we have going on, with... with Michael still out there, I don't see that happening anytime soon. This life may be a lot of things, but it's rarely happy.

Jack: I'm sorry.

Castiel: Hey. At least we have Krunch Cookie Crunch.

Jack: Yeah. We do. Did you take the decoder ring out of the box?

Castiel: Maybe. The secret password is... "Cookietacular."

Jack: Why? Why did you do that?

Castiel: Because I made a promise. Because I love you, Jack. And Sam and Dean... they love you. And they are fighting for you at this very minute. I hope that... They don't need to know what happened here. What I did... I'm... I'm... I'm at peace with my choice. I don't want them to worry.

Jack: I won't tell them. I promise.

(Dean and Jack are fishing...)

Dean Winchester: You are a cheap date. This certainly isn't Tahiti.

Jack: You once told me you and your father did the exact same thing. It was your happiest memory of him.

Dean Winchester: I didn't say that.

Jack: It was how you said it. I could tell. I guess my point is that... if I don't make it... The stuff I'd miss... it wouldn't be things like Tahiti. Or the Taj Mahal. I'd miss more time with you. I'm getting that life isn't all these big, amazing moments. It's time together that matters. Like this.

Dean Winchester: Well, who'd have thought hanging out with me would make you sentimental?

Jack: I've had a good life, Dean.

Jack: Since I've been alive, everyone assumed I would be this special "person" who goes on forever. Only now it looks like forever might be a couple of weeks, so...

Dean Winchester: We don't know that.

Jack: What I do know is I'm done being special. Before my life is over, I want to live it. I-I just want a chance to... get a tan... to see a hockey game... get a parking ticket... get bored... and when it's all over... die.

Sam Winchester: Listen, I-I don't know how well you got to know our... our... our friend Jack with everything that was going on when you were here, but we've sort of been taking care of him, and, uh, he's, um... Lucifer's son.

Rowena: Goodbye.

Sam Winchester: No, no, no. Stop, stop. He's a great kid. His mother was a fantastic human being, a-a-and he wanted nothing to do with Lucifer, w-who is dead, as you know.

Rowena: I hope he's rotting.

Sam Winchester: Yes, but Lucifer stole Jack's grace, so he's powerless now, and... and something's going on with him, and he might die.

Rowena: Oh, splendid! The sooner the better! From what I know of the father, the world will be better off without the son.

Jack: You might be right. We're all still figuring that out. I'm Jack. And I know people have a lot of strong feelings about my father, but I'm... I'm trying hard not to be like him. Sam and Dean, they... they say such nice things about you.

Rowena: They do?

Jack: You saved all of us... from Apocalypse World.

Rowena: Well, that's true.

Jack: So, before you go, I... I just wanted to say... thank you.

(Jack starts coughing)

Sam Winchester: Jack. Hey, buddy. Hey. You're all right.

Rowena: Bollocks.

Castiel: The plan is to subdue him using angel cuffs and spell work. They have to get Michael out of Dean.

Jack: And if he doesn't leave?

Castiel: Then they'll try to drive him out.

Jack: And if that doesn't work?

Castiel: Jack...

Jack: Cas, Michael has to be stopped.

Castiel: I know, and he will be, after Dean is...

Jack: No, Dean doesn't matter. You're all so focused on trying to save Dean. And I get it, I understand, but if he can't be saved, if it comes down to him or Michael... Michael has to be stopped. Caged or killed...

Castiel: And if that means that Dean dies, too!?

Jack: Then Dean dies. I know this Michael. I've seen what he's done to an entire world, and so have you. If stopping that from happening here means that Dean has to die, then... Do you think he'd want it any other way?

Castiel: At the time of the Great Fall, when the angels were banished from Heaven, I lost what I thought was everything. I had no grace, I had no... wings. I felt hopeless and useless.

Jack: What did you have left?

Castiel: Well... Well, I had Sam and Dean. But I had something else that was extremely helpful. I had myself. Just the basic me, as... as Dean would say, without all the bells and whistles. You know... Sam and Dean, they weren't born with their expertise. They've been at it since they were children. Failing, winning, developing over the years. Patience... persistence... Those are skills, too. The past, where you came from, that's important, but it is not as important as the future and where you're going.

Castiel: You did well.

Jack: All I did was get punched... in the face.

Castiel: Well, to be fair, we all got punched in the face.

Jack: That's not... Before, when I had my powers, I-I could have done something, and...

Castiel: Jack. You don't... You... You don't have your powers. And you... Your grace should regenerate in time, but until then...

Jack: I'm useless. I can't kill demons, I can't find Dean, and Michael is in our world, and I can't stop him. I can't do anything. I don't have anything.

Castiel: Oh, Jack, that's just not true. You've got me. You have all of us. You have your family. And... And we are going to find Dean and we are going to beat Michael and we're going to do it together. We... Because that's what we do.

Bobby Singer: Life's a little different when you can't just zap people around, huh?

Jack: A lot different.

Bobby Singer: Yeah. You'll get used to it. Truth be told, this stuff didn't come all that easy for me, either. Had my ass handed to me more times than I can count.

Jack: But you kept fighting?

Bobby Singer: You got to. As a wise man once said, “It ain't how hard ya hit. It's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”.

Jack: Was that Gandhi?

Bobby Singer: Probably. Yeah, somethin' like that. Yeah.

Lucifer: Good try, Dean. I'll give you that, buddy. I'm not just powerful now. I am power. And I don't need a blade to end you, pal.

Sam Winchester: Dean! (Sam throws the archangel blade to Dean)

Lucifer: Bye-bye, Dean.

(Dean stabs Lucifer with it)

Jack: Is he...

Sam Winchester: He... he's dead.

Dean Winchester: Holy crap.

Sam Winchester: You did it.

Dean Winchester: No. No, we did it. We did it.