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Diego Hargreeves: We go in there as a united front. No more "Number One," "Number Two" bullsh*t. From now on, it's... Team Zero.

Luther Hargreeves: "Team Zero"?

Diego Hargreeves: Team Zero. All the way.

Luther Hargreeves: Look, maybe trying to stop doomsday is exactly what starts it. Did you ever think of that?

Diego Hargreeves: Oh, so we do nothing? Since when are you a quitter?

Luther Hargreeves: Since the last time I destroyed the world by overestimating my own importance.

Diego Hargreeves: So this is about you never living up to the old man's expectations bullsh*t, huh?

Luther Hargreeves: Maybe. I don't know, I mean, we're all crazy where Dad's concerned.

Diego Hargreeves: Oh, I'm not. He's an a**hole. I'm awesome. That's very simple.

Allison Hargreeves: Hey, Diego. Can't say hi to nobody?

Diego Hargreeves: Hi, Allison.

Allison Hargreeves: What was that?

Diego Hargreeves: Hi, Allison!

Allison Hargreeves: Thank you!

Luther Hargreeves: How you feeling?

Vanya Hargreeves: Pretty sh*tty, to be honest.

Diego Hargreeves: Where would you say you are on a scale from one to... ending all life on this planet?

Vanya Hargreeves: Really?

Luther Hargreeves: Diego, put the knife away, you idiot. She's fine.

Diego Hargreeves: The last time I saw this one, she had me suspended midair, sucking the life out of me with energy tentacles. I think I'm allowed a little time to process.

Elliott: Oh, I would love to see an energy tentacle.

Number Five: Right now, our priority is finding Dad and getting answers, 'cause everything else depends on it.

Diego Hargreeves: Which, for the record, I found him already.

Number Five: And then let him go before we could have a meaningful conversation.

Diego Hargreeves: He stabbed me.

Number Five: I'm surprised he waited this long, Diego. We've all had the urge.

Lila Pitts: Good one.

Lila Pitts: Is it okay that I don't hate you like I hate most people?

Diego Hargreeves: Yeah. Yeah, that's okay by me. (Diego kisses her and she slaps him) Jesus!

Lila Pitts: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Diego Hargreeves: I don't understand you!

Diego Hargreeves: Okay, okay, I'll help you.

Number Five: Thank God.

Diego Hargreeves: After I save Kennedy. And then you swing us back a few decades so I can slit Hitler's throat off with a butter knife.

Number Five: This is why you don't have any friends.

Number Five: We use my ability to time travel. But this time, I'll take you with me.

Diego Hargreeves: You can do that?

Number Five: I don't know. I've never tried it before.

Diego Hargreeves: What's the worst that can happen?

Number Five: You're lookin' at it. A 58-year-old man inside a child's body, so there's that.

Diego Hargreeves: Oh, what the hell? I'm in.

Klaus Hargreeves: Yeah, whatever. I'm in.

Luther Hargreeves: Me too. Allison? (she nodds yes) What about Ben? (Ben nodds yes too)

Klaus Hargreeves: Great, yeah, he's in.

(Guys with guns show up...)

Diego Hargreeves: Who the hell are these guys?

Klaus Hargreeves: Maybe they're here for Kenny's birthday!

Luther Hargreeves: No, I'm pretty sure they're here for us!

Allison Hargreeves (to Diego): Be careful, okay? We don't know what Peabody's capable of.

Diego Hargreeves: Yeah, he didn't seem dangerous when I first saw him. Looked kinda scrawny.

Allison Hargreeves: Yeah, well, so are most serial killers and mass murderers. I mean, look at him. (gestures at Five)

Number Five: Thanks.

Diego Hargreeves: Good point.

(Diego spends a while tying Klaus to a chair, so he can detox...)

Klaus Hargreeves: Ah, sh*t!

Diego Hargreeves: What?

Klaus Hargreeves: I need to pee.

Diego Hargreeves: You okay? Wow. This is a first. My brother Klaus is silent. Last time you were this quiet, we were 12. Ran down the stairs wearing Grace's heels, tripped over, and broke your jaw. How long was it wired shut again?

Klaus Hargreeves: Eight weeks.

Diego Hargreeves: Eight glorious weeks of bliss.

(Luther and Diego are looking at Five sleeping)

Diego Hargreeves: Funny. If I didn't know he was such a prick, I'd say he looks almost adorable in his sleep.

Luther Hargreeves: Well, don't worry. He'll sober up eventually. Be back to his normal, unpleasant self.