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Jaskier: Hey. You don't have to do that. You don't have to prove what you're going to be in the future. My two orens? I think you're pretty all right right now.

Ciri: Well, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

Jaskier: Ah, it's all part of my hustle. Just wait until this next hand. I'm going to mop the floor with your royal arse, milady.

(Geralt is having a conversation with Yennefer. Ciri and Jaskier are watching them, imagining what they're could be saying...)

Jaskier (as Yen): "Oh! What the hell were you thinking, fighting monsters?"

Ciri: That's not what she's saying.

Jaskier: Now, that is the role of poetry, Ciri. To say what others cannot utter. (as Geralt): "Oh, you fed her to the magical lion's den. I trusted you."

Ciri: You're just making this all up.

Jaskier: Meh. That's also the role of poetry. (as Yen): "At least she was in disguise there. Not clanging stupid swords when I told her not to draw attention to herself."

Ciri (as Geralt): "Funny, I wonder how she learned such complete and utter disregard for authority."

Jaskier: That was a good one. (as Yen): "You're unbelievable!"

Ciri (as Geralt): "You're delusional!"

Jaskier (as Yen): "I forgive you for your various foolish words and deeds. Your lack of faith and hope. For your obstinacy. Doggedness. For your sulking and posing, which are unworthy of a man."

Ciri (as Geralt): "I forgive you for being a wily witch who rarely listens and even more rarely admits to being wrong. Who is stubborn, and stuck-up, and self-righteous. Let's never do that again."

(Geralt and Yennefer start kissing...)

Jaskier (as Yen): "Mmm. Oh. Oh! Oh yes, take me." (as Geralt): "Do that thing with the tongue that I like." (as Yen): "Oh, you mean this? Bleugh, bleugh!" (as Geralt): "Oh yeah, that's the stuff. Is there a unicorn nearby, by any chance? Oh!" (to Ciri): Come on, you deviant.

Ciri: I shouldn't have left. I'm sorry.

Yennefer: I shouldn't have given you a reason to leave. I'm sorry. Let's never do that again. (Yen hugs Ciri) Jaskier, if you would.

Jaskier: Hmm? Ooh, yes. Uh, yeah, absolutely. Come on, kiddo. Why don't you tell me all about how you slayed the sea monster all on your own whilst Geralt sat around on his arse all afternoon, eh?

Ciri: I thought if I learned magic it would make me a better leader. Maybe my grandmother was right. Maybe it's better to govern with steel and steel alone.

Geralt: Hmm. As a witcher, I will accept coin from someone, no matter where they're from. Nations are invisible lines that people assign meaning to. A life, however... A life has real meaning. It's warm skin and a beating heart. It should only be taken as a last resort. Righteousness can easily become rage. Justice can easily become scorn. If you want to be a queen, be a queen. I think you'll make an excellent one.

Jaskier (to Ciri): Well, if it isn't my favorite pocket-sized princess. How are you? How are the lessons going?

Geralt: Tread lightly around the magic lessons.

Ciri: He's not actually talking about my lessons. He's talking about your lessons in smiling. Work in progress.

Jaskier: Yeah.

Ciri: You told me to never apologize for my power, and yet that's all you seem to do.

Yennefer: You want to be a great leader? You want to change the world? Well, the day-to-day of leading is dealing with a lot of vapid, power-hungry arseholes! I'm not Geralt. This isn't Kaer Morhen. This is the version of myself I have to be here. So you need to find a version of yourself that can deal with that.

Ciri: Trust me, I know you're not Geralt. He would never sell his soul like this.

Yennefer: You saved one, and the consequence has likely damned a hundred others in exchange.

Ciri: What is the point in me seeing the future if I can't do anything to change it? Well, why would you understand? You see what you want, you make it happen. You snap your fingers, mountains move. Men bend to your will. How would you know what it's like to fight for control of your life?

Ciri (to Jaskier): You're the bravest bait that ever lived.

Jaskier: Whew! Promise me we will never do that again.

Geralt: Thank you, Jaskier.

Ciri: Geralt, you taught me how to fight. Just like Calanthe. And Yen, you're teaching me how to harness my powers. Like Mousesack. What if this is the reason destiny brought us together? Nenneke said I have the power to change the cycle of hatred. And I want to. To be the balance between kings and mages, and to align the Continent, instead of constantly pitting parts against each other. Because I am sick and tired of destruction and loss.

Jaskier: Bait! I rode for days to get here, battling hunger, battling the elements, only to discover upon my arrival that I'm being used as bait.

Ciri: Jaskier, me. I am the bait. Rience is after me.

Jaskier: Yes, which means he wants you alive, and me very much not alive. You see my anxiety?

Geralt: I know you're afraid, Ciri, but what you see in there it isn't real. We belong together. You, us, it's not perfect, but it is real. It's yours. We are your family... And we need you.

Ciri: I have to go home.

Ciri: I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened.

Yennefer: When you have power like this, never apologize.

Ciri: What was between you and Geralt?

Yennefer: Longing, regret, hope, and fear. I don't think I've omitted anything.

Ciri: So, you love him too.

Yennefer: You two seem to have quite the bond.

Ciri: I mean, he's a grump of the first order, has the social graces of a wild boar, but he's...

Yennefer: He's your protector.

Ciri: He's the father I never had. When I'm with him, I don't feel alone anymore.

Ciri: I want to be like you, Geralt. I want to be indifferent to the past. To the lies. To the things I've done. Please. Let me have that.

Geralt: That is not how it works. Neither you nor I can just forget who we are. We can't kill our feelings. Our best chance is to kill the hatred that we may hold onto... And move on.

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