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(After Sam's speech...)

Bucky Barnes (to Sam): Sorry, I was, uh, I was texting and so, all I heard was, um, "a Black guy in stars and stripes." Nice job, Cap.

Karli Morgenthau: It doesn't matter if I don't survive this. I'm fighting for something bigger than myself. With all the bodies you've collected, have you been able to say the same?

Bucky Barnes: You don't think I ever fought for something bigger than myself? That's all I ever tried to do. And I failed twice. You think your cause justifies all this death, but in the end, the nightmares won't go away. You're gonna remember all the ones you killed. Trust me. Don't do this. Don't go down this path.

Bucky Barnes: I've been making amends.

Sam Wilson: Nah. You weren't amending, you were avenging. You were stopping all the wrongdoers you enabled as the Winter Soldier, because you thought it would bring you closure. You go to these people and say "sorry," because you think it'll make you feel better, right? But you gotta make them feel better. You gotta go to them and be of service. I'm sure there's at least one person in that book who needs closure about something, and you're the only one who can give it to 'em.

Bucky Barnes: Probably a dozen.

Sam Wilson: That's cool. Start with one.

Bucky Barnes: Good talk.

Sam Wilson: But don't flirt with my sister.

Bucky Barnes: No.

Sam Wilson: 'Cause if you do, I'll have Carlos cut you up, feed you to fish.

Bucky Barnes: Okay.

(Walker fights the Dora Milaje and is losing...)

Sam Wilson: We should do something.

Bucky Barnes: Looking strong, John.

Sam Wilson: Bucky...

Bucky Barnes: Something's not right about Walker.

Sam Wilson: You don't say.

Bucky Barnes: Well, I know a crazy when I see one. Because I am crazy.

Sam Wilson: Can't argue with that.

Sam Wilson: When I was a kid, my TT passed away.

Bucky Barnes: Your TT?

Sam Wilson: Yeah, my TT, yeah.

Bucky Barnes: Who is your TT?

Sam Wilson: Fine. When I was a kid, my aunt passed away...

(A second later...)

Helmut Zemo (to Sam): Your TT would be proud of you.

Sam Wilson: Maybe I shouldn't have put it in a museum. I should have destroyed it.

Bucky Barnes: Look, that shield represents a lotta things to a lotta people, including me. The world is upside down, and we need a new Cap, and it ain't gonna be Walker. So before you destroy it, I'll take it from him myself.

Bucky Barnes: I thought we were going left?

Sam Wilson: You went the wrong way!

Bucky Barnes: I was clearing the way!

Sam Wilson: I came out first. You had to follow me. It's in every action movie!

Sharon Carter: You pretending like you can clear my name.

Sam Wilson: Okay, maybe it is hypocrisy. Maybe you're right. What happened to you. But I'm willing to try if you are. They cleared the bionic staring machine, and he killed almost everybody he's met.

Bucky Barnes: I heard that.

Sharon Carter: By the way, how is the new Cap?

Bucky Barnes: Don't get me started.

Sharon Carter: Please. You buy into all that stars and stripes bullsh*t. Before you were his (Zemo's) pet psychopath, you were Mr. America! Cap's best friend.

Bucky Barnes: Wow. She's kind of awful now.

Bucky Barnes (to Sam): Steve believed in you. He trusted you. He gave you that shield for a reason. That shield, that is... that is everything he stood for. That is his legacy. He gave you that shield, and you threw it away like it was nothing. So maybe he was wrong about you. And if he was wrong about you, then he was wrong about me.

Bucky Barnes is a character from the Marvel Universe

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