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Crowley: Angel! This is the Supreme Archangel of all Heaven, your former boss who tried very hard to cast you into hellfire and destroy you. He's not our friend.

Aziraphale: I don't think he really has any friends.

Crowley: Exactly.

Aziraphale: Yes, exactly.

Crowley: What does your exactly mean, exactly? I feel like your exactly and my exactly are different exactlies.

Aziraphale: He doesn't have any friends so he needs us.

Crowley: What I need is for him is to be nowhere near me and the precious peaceful fragile existence that I have carved out for myself here.

Aziraphale: I thought we carved it out for ourselves.

Crowley: So did I!

Aziraphale: What thing you have to give me?

Gabriel: I don't seem to have anything on me, do you think it's important?

Aziraphale: You just said that it was the only way to prevent something terrible happening.

Gabriel: Really? What?

Aziraphale: I don't know.

Nina (about Gabriel): How's your naked man friend?

Aziraphale (panicking in front of Crowley): He's not... He's not my... but he's certainly not naked anymore

Nina: You're a dark horse Mr. Fell.

Aziraphale: I think I may have just started a war.

Crowley: Oh! Hell will love that.

Gabriel: You know what it's like when you don't know anything at all and yet you're totally certain that everything would be better if you were just near one particular person?

Aziraphale: No... certainly not.

Crowley: Let me tempt you to a spot of lunch?

Aziraphale: Temptation accomplished. Hmm... What about the Ritz? I believe a table for two has just miraculously come free.

Aziraphale: I asked them for a rubber duck and made the Archangel Michael miracle me a towel.

Crowley: You can stay at my place, if you like.

Aziraphale: I don't think my side would like that.

Crowley: You don't have a side anymore. Neither of us do. We're on our own side.

Aziraphale: It's all worked out for the best, though. Just imagine how awful it might have been if we'd been at all competent.

Crowley: Point taken.

Aziraphale: We are here to lick some serious butt.

Crowley: "Kick", Aziraphale. It's "kick butt". For Heaven's sake. Oh! I can't believe I just said that.

Aziraphale: You can't leave, Crowley. There isn't anywhere to go.

Crowley: It's a big universe. Even if this all ends up in a puddle of burning goo, we can go off together.

Aziraphale: Go off together? Listen to yourself.

Crowley: How long have we been friends? Six thousand years!

Aziraphale: Friends? We're not friends. We are an angel and a demon. We have nothing whatsoever in common. I don't even like you.

Crowley: You do.

Na*zi spy: Mr Anthony J. Crowley. Your fame precedes you.

Aziraphale: Anthony?

Crowley: You don't like it?

Aziraphale: No, no, I didn't say that. I'll get used to it. What does the "J" stand for?

Crowley: It's just a "J", really.

Aziraphale (to Na*zi spies): You can't kill me. There'll be paperwork.

Crowley: If it all goes wrong, I want insurance.

Aziraphale: What?

Crowley: I wrote it down. Walls have ears. Well, not walls. Trees have ears. Ducks have ears. Do ducks have ears? Must do. That's how they hear other ducks.

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Good Omens Quotes

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