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Aziraphale: We may have both started off as angels, but you are fallen.

Crowley: I didn't really fall. I just, you know... sauntered vaguely downwards.

Aziraphale (about Crowley): Oh, he's not my friend. We've never met before. We don't know each other.

Aziraphale: I'm not consulted on policy decisions, Crawly.

Crowley: Oh, I've changed it.

Aziraphale: Changed what?

Crowley: My name. "Crawl-y" just wasn't really doing it for me. It's a bit too... squirming-at-your-feet-ish.

Aziraphale: Well, you were a snake. So, what is it now? Mephistopheles? Asmodeus?

Crowley: Crowley.

Aziraphale: God's not actually going to wipe out all the locals. I mean, Noah, up there, his family, and his sons, their wives, they're all going to be fine.

Crowley: But they're drowning everybody else? Not the kids? You can't kill kids.

Aziraphale: Mm-hmm.

Crowley: Well, that's more the kind of thing you'd expect my lot to do.

Aziraphale: Yes, but when it's done, the Almighty's going to put up a new thing, called a "rain bow", as a promise not to drown everyone again.

Crowley: How kind.

Aziraphale: You can't judge the Almighty, Crawley. God's plans are...

Crowley: Are you going to say "ineffable"?

Aziraphale: Possibly.

Crowley: Are you alright?

Aziraphale: Perfectly, yes. Uh, tip-top. Absolutely tickety-boo.

Crowley: Tickety-boo?

Anathema Device: Listen, my bike, it didn't have gears. I know my bike didn't have gears.

Crowley: Oh, Lord, heal this bike.

Aziraphale: I got carried away.

Aziraphale: You hit someone.

Crowley: I didn't. Someone hit me.

Aziraphale: Music. Why don't I put on a little... music? What's a Velvet Underground?

Crowley: You wouldn't like it.

Aziraphale: Oh. Bebop.

Aziraphale: Watch out for that pedestrian!

Crowley: She's on the street. She knows the risk she's taking.

Aziraphale: Just watch the... Watch the road! Crowley, you can't do 90 miles per hour in Central London.

Crowley: Why not?

Aziraphale: You'll get us killed. Well, inconveniently discorporated.

Aziraphale: Well, I'll be damned.

Crowley: It's not that bad when you get used to it.

Crowley: It'd be funny if we both got it wrong, eh? If I did the good thing and you did the bad one.

Aziraphale: No. It wouldn't be funny at all.

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