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Alec Lightwood Quotes

Alec Lightwood: We're gonna save you, Jace.

Jace Herondale: Good luck. It's only a matter of time before Lilith finds me, finds you. You'll all be dead by sunrise.

Izzy Lightwood: I don't think so. We will battle her with everything we've got. We won't let her take you again.

Jace Herondale: When your... delusional confidence gets you killed,I'll be sure to tell your mundane boyfriend that you died in a tragic jewelry-making accident.

Alec Lightwood: What is all that?

Magnus Bane: Each of those belonged to someone I loved and outlived. A different committed relationship for each one.

Alec Lightwood: Why do you keep it?

Magnus Bane: I may be magical, but my memory's far from it. I keep those mementos to remember them by. Look, Alec, you know my history. I've always been honest with you about that.

Alec Lightwood: Well... Now that I've seen some of that history with my own eyes, I can't help but think... if I'm lucky, maybe one of my arrowheads ends up in that box.

Magnus Bane: Look, I don't even want to think about you being gone...

Alec Lightwood: But one day I will be. And you'll just, move on...

Magnus Bane: I'm immortal! It's not as if I have a choice! I can't change what I am, and neither can you! Look... can we just stay in the here and now? Hmm? Look, I want to cherish this moment... with the one I love.

Alec Lightwood: You're right. I love you, too.

Alec Lightwood: It's just I was thinking that it wouldn't be an issue if I didn't have to go back and forth so much. I mean I spend almost every night here. So, what if I... moved in? Bad idea?

Magnus Bane: No! It's... a wonderful idea. For the future.

Alec Lightwood: OK. Um... You know, I just thought...

Magnus Bane: We've been seeing each other for less than two months. Alexander, once we move in together, our relationship will change.

Alec Lightwood: Yeah. We'll be even closer.

Magnus Bane: There's no such thing. If there's one thing I've learned in the... course of my long life... it's to take your time, ok?

Magnus Bane: Not to be an overeager warlock boyfriend, but... need a hand?

Alec Lightwood: You help me all the time. If I came to you every time I had a problem...

Magnus Bane: We'll spend more time together. Oh, the torture. Look, after I get some food in you, I'll come to the Institute and examine Morgan. See if my magic can shed some light on things.

Alec Lightwood: Thank you. But with this... I just...

Magnus Bane: We'll make it through this. OK? One step at a time.

Alec Lightwood: If you're not going to fight this thing, I will. Even if that means stepping down from the Institute.

Maryse Lightwood: No. Seeing what you have accomplished as Head of the Institute... nothing has made me prouder. The Clave's always had its faults. My generation nearly destroyed everything in our passion to fix it. Yours will have to be wiser.

Alec Lightwood: Remember, my mother is on edge and that means avoiding any sensitive subjects, like my dad, or like that I turned down that job at the Clave.

Magnus Bane: Or the fact that you're dating a dastardly warlock? Hmm?

Alec Lightwood: I'm sorry. Am I being terrible?

Magnus Bane: No, no, no. You're just tense. Here. Drink this. (hands him a glass of wine, Alec downs it)

Alec Lightwood: I'm OK. You're OK?

Magnus Bane: Oh, I'm OK.

Alec Lightwood: OK.

Magnus Bane: You're OK.

Izzy Lightwood: Wait. You should be there.

Magnus Bane: Hm-mm...

Izzy Lightwood: Think about it: if Magnus is there being his usual charming self... Mom won't have time to interrogate us.

Magnus Bane: I am charming.

Alec Lightwood: You don't think it's too much?

Magnus Bane: "Too much" is my middle name.


Magnus Bane: I could try it on my own. It'd be far more difficult, but at least you'll be safe.

Alec Lightwood: And let you hog all the glory?

Magnus Bane: Maybe.

Alec Lightwood: As long as you're here, I'm not going anywhere.

Lorenzo Rey: Magnus Bane is the only warlock I know capable of conjuring that type of demonic magic.

Alec Lightwood: Well, I assure you... if Magnus is behind this, I will turn him over to the Clave myself.

Lorenzo Rey: Spoken like a true Shadowhunter. The law is hard, but it is the law.

Magnus Bane: Asmodeus is my father. Look, I'm sorry I never told you. I was ashamed.

Alec Lightwood: I knew every warlock had a demon parent, it's just... Asmodeus?

Magnus Bane: Oh, just because you're the only Shadowhunter at a party full of warlocks doesn't mean you can't have fun.

Alec Lightwood: Yeah, well, that's easy for you to say. You've known these people for centuries.

Magnus Bane: And you think that's a good thing? Trust me, I don't want to be here any longer than I have to...