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Simon: You have to give people a chance.

Sara: Simon, you can't always just give everybody a chance. That's your biggest problem! You're just always trying to help everybody! First you tried to help Dad, then me, and now Wilhelm. You keep letting people piss on you!

Simon: At least I don't piss on my family, Sara. And I'm not trying to be someone I'm not.

Sara: No one likes me when I'm myself.

Simon: I like you when you are yourself!

Sara: Why did you do it?

August: I don't even know myself. It just happened.

Sara: I thought you and Wilhelm were friends.

August: Yeah. True.

Sara: So why?

August: Wilhelm's got everything! And he just spits on it. I've tried to help him several times, but... I mean, Erik took his role seriously. Wille, he just doesn't care. He's an embarrassment to the whole royal family.

Sara: That doesn't give you the right.

Wille (to Simon): You're the only person here I feel I can actually talk to.

(Simon arrives at the football field to pick up drunk and drugged up Wille...)

Wille (to Simon): You came! Thank you for coming. You're really here. You're beautiful! You're so beautiful. Simon... You came! Oh, I'm so glad you're here. I'm so glad you're here.

(Drunk and drugged up Wille is calling Simon...)

Wille (to Simon): I've found it out. You see, everything is fake. Everything is fake. Everything in the world is fake. It's, like, you know... The grass on the football field isn't even grass. It's... it's plastic! It's like bright but at night. It's night! I know that much. But why is it bright? All the people are fake. They're made out of metal. But I like you. And that is not fake.

Wille: Everything's, like, upside down now. I don't know how to act, or how to feel. I shouldn't even be functioning as a human being... because my... brother is, like, dead, but I... Here I am, partying.

Felice (about Wille): We just talked. We just talked about his brother.

August: Erik was like a brother to me too, and you know that. Your focus should be on comforting me so that I can comfort him. Give me the jacket! Give it to me. (takes Wille's jacket away from her and leaves)

Madison: Dump him.

(Simon tells Sara that he was hanging out with Wille...)

Sara: Weren't you the one who said that you, uh, can't be friends with anyone at the school?

Simon: Yeah, but people can change.

Sara: Isn't the point of the Royal Family that they don't change?

(Wille comes back after hanging out with Simon and his friends...)

August: Was it educational?

Wille: Hi. Sorry, I was feeling a bit better. So I thought it was okay that I hung out with some friends.

August: I asked if it was educational. Your socialist safari.

Felice: How come you know so much about horses?

Sara: Well, I've just always understood horses better than people.

Sara (about Felice's horse): Felice, you know... you have to stop pretending that you're not afraid. He can sense it even if you try to hide your fear. Just accept that you're afraid. Then you can start over and maybe then it will be fun again. Then he will think it's fun too.

Simon: What did you think? About my singing.

Wille: It was nice. Hmm. I heard so many voices, you know? Like, everyone up there on that stage, like, they were standing there beside you and... they were, like, lost in their own voices, in their own music. Do you know what I mean?

Simon: Yeah. Totally.

Wille: And then you sang, like, kind of... like, you were almost the loudest. And then I heard that you were, like, kind of... You were singing straight from your heart.

August: I understand that you want to feel normal, go to a normal school, meet normal girls, go to normal parties. But how did that work out? The problem is that normal people will never see you as one of them. But here you're among your own. We could murder someone, and nobody would say a word. I promise you. Who wants to be normal anyway?

Wille: I liked what you said in there, Simon. Well said.

Simon: Okay. Why didn't you say anything?

Wille: 'Cause I'm not... I'm not allowed to speak on political issues.

Simon (about the royals): Well, we all know who this country's biggest welfare receivers are.

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