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Rick Grimes: See something you like?

Andrea: Not me, but I know someone who would... my sister. She's still such a kid in some ways. Unicorns, dragons... she's into all that stuff. But mermaids... they rule. She loves mermaids.

Rick Grimes: Why not take it?

Andrea: There's a cop staring at me. Would it be considered looting?

Rick Grimes: I don't think those rules apply anymore.

Merle Dixon: Why don't you knock that crap off? You're giving me a headache, boy.

T-Dog: Why don't you pull your head out of your ass? Maybe your headache will go away. Try some positivity for a change.

Rick Grimes (aiming gun at Merle): Ought to be polite to a man with a gun. Only common sense.

Merle Dixon: You wouldn't. You're a cop.

Rick Grimes: All I am anymore is a man looking for his wife and son. Anybody gets in the way of that is gonna lose. I'll give you a moment to think about that.

Rick Grimes (to Merle): Things are different now. There are no n*ggers anymore. No dumb-a$$-sh*t, inbred white-trash fools either. Only dark meat and white meat. There's us and the dead. We survive this by pulling together, not apart.

Merle Dixon: Who the hell are you, man?!

Rick Grimes: Officer Friendly.

Rick Grimes: Back at the tank, why'd you stick your neck out for me?

Glenn Rhee: Call it foolish, naive hope that if I'm ever that far up Sh*t Creek, somebody might do the same for me. Guess I'm an even bigger dumba$$ than you.

Amy: How do we tell if they're poison?

Lori Grimes: Uh, there's only one sure way I know of.

Amy: Ask Shane when he gets back?

Lori Grimes: Yeah, you've got it.

Rick Grimes: They're alive... my wife and son. At least they were when they left.

Morgan Jones: How can you know? By the look of this place...

Rick Grimes: I found empty drawers in the bedroom. They packed some clothes... not a lot, but enough to travel.

Morgan Jones: You know anybody could've broken in here and stole them clothes, right?

Rick Grimes: You see the framed photos on the walls? Neither do I. Some random thief take those too, you think? Our photo albums, family pictures" all gone.

Morgan Jones: Photo albums... My wife... same thing. There I am packing survival gear, she's grabbing photo alb...

Ezekiel: I was scared back there.

Carol: I was, too. I'm glad you're okay.

Ezekiel: It made me remember something I've been taking for granted lately. We can't wait on life, so...

Carol: Don't.

Ezekiel: Will you marry me?

Carol: Put that thing away. It'll snag on everything. And I told you not to ask me that.

Ezekiel: I know.

Carol: Especially after something like this. And this is not happening on a horse.

Ezekiel: I love you. And I always will. I'll keep this till you're ready.