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The Armorer: What shall I forge?

Din Djarin: Something for a foundling.

The Armorer: This is the way.

Din Djarin: For a specific foundling. Grogu.

Fennec Shand: Living with the Tuskens has made you soft.

Boba Fett: No. It's made me strong. You can only get so far without a tribe.

(Fennec presses the button to release the seismic charge...)

Fennec Shand: Fire in the hole.

(Sarlacc swallows the charge and explodes)

Boba Fett: Next time don't touch my buttons.

Fennec Shand: You're a hunter.

Boba Fett: I'm tired of working for idiots who are gonna get me killed. The Tuskens took me in. Made me part of their tribe. I was ready to leave hunting behind.

Fennec Shand: People like us don't get to decide when we're finished.

Boba Fett (to Fennec): I want you to help me. Help me recover my Firespray gunship.

Boba Fett: Release him. (to Krrsantan): No hard feelings. It's just business. Take it from an ex-bounty hunter, don't work for scugholes. It's not worth it.

Tusken Raider Chieftain: I have a gift for you.

Boba Fett: A gift? Why?

Tusken Raider Chieftain: You are a good guide. Now this gift will guide you.

Boba Fett: A lizard? Thank you. I will let it guide me.

(The lizard jumps on him and goes up his nose...)

Boba Fett: I'm sorry. I think I swallowed it. It's a tricky little bugger.

Tusken Raider Chieftain: It will guide you from inside your head.

Boba Fett (to Garsa Fwip): Mayor Mok Shaiz sent me here as though there's something I should know. And now you're sweating like a gumpta on Mustafar.

Mok Shaiz (to Boba Fett): Running a family is more complicated than bounty hunting.

Boba Fett: I am Boba Fett. I'm here to see the Mayor.

Mayor's Clerk: "Boba Fett." Um... Do you have an appointment?

Boba Fett (narration): Fate sometimes steps in to rescue the wretched.

Boba Fett (to Fennec): Jabba ruled with fear. I intend to rule with respect.

(Master Garfalaquox has brought a gift for Boba and is saying something in his language. Boba and Fennec are just nodding.)

Boba Fett: Did you catch any of that?

Fennec Shand: Something about friendship?

Boba Fett: We really need a protocol droid.

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