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Din Djarin: I don't understand why you're all right with Skywalker's decision to train the kid when you wouldn't.

Ahsoka Tano: Because it was his choice. I don't control the wants of others.

Din Djarin: You. I didn't expect to see you here.

Ahsoka Tano (about Skywalkers): I'm an old friend of the family.

Luke Skywalker (to Grogu): I want to tell you about someone you remind me of a great deal. His name was Yoda. He was small like you, but his heart was huge, and the Force was strong in him. He once said to me, "Size matters not." That's how he talked. He would speak in riddles.

Cobb Vanth (to Pykes): Anyone gets lost running spice through Mos Pelgo again will be lost forever.

(Fennec Shand asks Din to join her and Boba...)

Din Djarin: Tell him it's on the house. But first, I got to pay a visit to a little friend.

(Din starts his new ship...)

Din Djarin: Shouldn't we run a diagnostic first?

Peli Motto: Nah! I can hear her! She's purring! Send her up!

(Jawas bring the part Din asked for...)

Din Djarin: That was fast.

Peli Motto: These critters could find a skud in a krill pond. Will that do?

Din Djarin: Where did they get a cryogenic density combustion booster?

Peli Motto: Do you really wanna know?

Din Djarin: Sure.

(Peli Motto asks them in Jawaese and the Jawas respond.)

Peli Motto: I got it. They said they crawled under a Pyke spice runner and crimped it off while they were refueling.

Din Djarin: Gutsy little fellas.

Peli Motto (to Din): You hit this button, you're gonna evacuate your exhaust manifold, if you know what I mean.

Peli Motto: I dated a Jawa. I know what I'm doing, right?

(One of the Jawas says something in Jawaese)

Peli Motto: Oh, that's okay. I'm working on me right now. Just go find the parts. (to Din): Furry.

Peli Motto (to Din): It's brand-new. Well, Jawa new.

Peli Motto: Where is your unlikely companion?

Din Djarin: I returned him to his own kind.

Peli Motto: Why the hell would you do that? I could've made good money off that thing. Open a petting zoo.

(Din Djarin gives Peli Motto money for the new ship...)

Peli Motto (to Din): Mind if I count it? Not that I don't trust you. I just wanna make sure you don't give me too much.

The Armorer (about Grogu): He's no longer in your care. He is with his own kind now.

Din Djarin: I want to see him, make sure he's safe.

The Armorer: In order to master the ways of the Force, Jedi must forgo all attachment.

Din Djarin: That is the opposite of our Creed. Loyalty and solidarity are the way.

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