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Toni Bevell: We plan ahead. We study lore, and we use it against our enemies. Back home, every thoroughfare, every bridge, every dock, every airport has been warded. The moment a monster steps foot in Britain, we know about it. Within 20 minutes, he's been picked up. And within 40, he's dead. There hasn't been a monster-related death in Britain since 1965 because we are good at our job.

Sam Winchester (to Toni): I've been tortured by the Devil himself. So you, you're just an accent in a pantsuit. What can you do to me?

Sam Winchester: Where are we?

Toni Bevell: Does it matter?

Sam Winchester: Just wondering how far I'm gonna have to walk back to town after I kill you. And her. But you first.

Dean Winchester: I'm... I'm Dean. Winchester. I'm your son.

Mary Winchester: No. My Dean is 4 years old.

Dean Winchester: I was when you died.

Charlie Bradbudy (to Castiel): Dean is my buddy and I cannot screw this up, but my mind is a wad of gummy worms.

Charlie Bradbury (about Rowena): I am doing my best, but with her criticizing, breathing down my neck, trying to sign me up for Team Witch and moaning how the one good year for music was 1723, I am going crazy.

Castiel: She is a wicked witch.

Crowley: Locate this person immediately. I don't care what it takes. Fail on pain of infinite pain.

Charlie Bradbury: Sam and Dean are like my brothers. I love them.

Rowena (to Charlie): I read you the minute I saw you and I'm sure you're learning that the line between good and evil is quite flexible. But we part company when it comes to blind devotion, case in point, the Winchesters. You've made them the family you don't have. Foolish.

Rowena (to Charlie): You're young and good and I'm ancient and evil, is that it? Let me tell you about you. A difficult and lonely childhood, tragedy, absent parents, always outside the mainstream, sexually progressive, living in your own head for solace and direction.

Castiel (to Charlie and Rowena): It sounds like blood sugar is dipping in here. I got snacks. When I was human, I grew very fond of these pork rinds.

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