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Dean Winchester (about The Darkness): She’s been locked away since the beginning of time. Does she even know what a cheeseburger is?

Sam Winchester (gives family photos to Dean): Take these and one day, when you find your way back, let these be your guide. They can help you remember what it was to be good, what it was to love.

Dean Winchester: We track evil and kill it, the family business, is that it? Look at the tape, Sam. Evil tracks us. It nukes everything in our vicinity, our family, our friends, it’s time we put a proper name to what we really are and deal with it.

Sam Winchester: We are not evil. We’re far from perfect, but we are good. That thing on your arm is evil, but not you. Not me. You’ll never ever hear me say that you, the real you, is anything but good.

Crowley (to Rowena): All my life I wondered what I’d done to deserve a mother who refused to show love. I pained over it. I built my bloody kingdom on top of it. And then one day epiphany struck, my mother was incapable of loving anything. And then you showed in my dungeon, we communed and I began to realize you weren’t incapable of love, you were incapable of loving me.

Dean Winchester: The Darkness.

Sam Winchester: What the hell is that?

Dean Winchester: Does it sound like a good thing?

Crowley (about Rowena): A long, long time ago, there once lived an evil b*tch – sorry, witch – who was forced to flee her home and her only son because she was, well, horrible.

The Death: God created the Earth out of nothing, or so your Sunday School teacher would have you believe.

Dean Winchester: What, so Genesis is a lie? Shocker.

The Death: Before there was light, before there was God and the archangels, there wasn’t nothing. There was the Darkness, a horribly destructive, amoral force that was beaten back by God and his archangels in a terrible war.

Dean Winchester: I want you to kill me.

The Death: I never thought I’d see the day. My godness, Dean Winchester has tipped over his king.

Crowley: Who summons anymore? Couldn’t you call?

Castiel: You’re not in my contacts list.

Sam Winchester (to Castiel): The only way I know how to save my brother is to cure the Mark. I know there will be consequences, but not you, not Dean, not anybody can tell me what those consequences are? So I’m not gonna let my brother destroy himself on a guess. We save Dean.

Castiel (to Dean): I’m the one who will have to watch you murder the world, so if there’s even a small chance that we can save you, I won’t let you walk out of this room.

Dean Winchester (to Eldon): You can save me the speech on the three hearts, the two spleens, the seven nipples for the ladies, or the fallas, I don’t judge. But even with all that, you still only have one brain.

Eldon Styne (to Cyrus): This is what I know about Dean Winchester. He’s got crappy taste in music, he’s got a hot mom and he loves flannel.

Crowley (to Sam): I could kill you. Snap my fingers, easiest thing in the world. From here on, I want you to know that the only reason you’re alive is because I allowed it.

Crowley (to Sam): You’re right. I am a monster. And I’ve done bad. I’ve done things you can’t even imagine, horrible, evil, messy things. And I’ve loved every damn minute. So thank you, Sam, for reminding me who I really am.