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Secret Invasion Quotes

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Nick Fury: Not bad for a 136-year-old.

Talos: Well, you know, I'm not even 40 in human years. I haven't even gone on my midlife crisis shopping spree yet. Hey. What'd you get for yours?

Nick Fury: The Avengers.

Talos (about Sonya): She's cheeky.

Nick Fury: Yeah, 'till she sees an ugly-a$$ Skrull like you. Then she goes into hunting mode.

Talos: I'm considered good-looking amongst my kind.

Nick Fury: I know a bunch of good-looking Skrull. And you ain't one of them.

Gravik's Skrulls motto: Home in my own skin.

Sonya Falsworth (to Fury): I think that Thanos's snap changed you. Taught you that no matter how hard you fight for what's right, there's always someone stronger to undermine you.

Agent Prescod: Imagine a world where information can't be trusted. Not very hard, is it? News service says one thing, website says another. Society starts to fray. All we can turn to are the people we care about. But what if those people weren't who we thought they were? What if the ones closest to us, the ones we've trusted our whole lives were someone else entirely? What if they weren't even human?

Sonya Falsworth: Very few of us know about the wars fought in the shadows that have raged on this planet. Do you feel responsible?

Nick Fury: I'm the last person standing between them and what they really want.

Nick Fury: This war is one I have to fight. Alone.