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(Sonya walks into a butcher shop...)

Butcher shop's owner: That door was locked.

Sonya Falsworth: Yes, and now that the door is unlocked, what does that tell you about me and doors?

Nick Fury: Are you seriously under the impression that just because you strip me of my titles, I relinquish my DNA?

Rhodey: Careful, Fury. And you wonder why you're out.

Nick Fury: I'm Nick Fury. Even when I'm out, I'm in.

Nick Fury: They sent you to fire me?

Rhodey: Nobody sent me. I volunteered.

Nick Fury: Have you even listened to a word that I've said?

Rhodey: Yeah, I have. The world is on the line. The enemy is a million times more dangerous than HYDRA, but they can only be vanquished by you. Alone. And you want me to make the power mean something by helpin' a brother out. But you should know better than most. The reason we wrestled this power from mediocre men who don't look like us was not simply to turn around and hand it to mediocre men who do. The point of this power is to be uncompromising, to be unsparing, to be able to sit across from a man we greatly admire, with whom we share an entire professional, personal, ancestral history with and to tell him without any reservation, that he's fired. That's what this moment right here, right now is about, Nick.

Nick Fury (to Rhodey): Men who look like us don't get promoted because of who our daddies know. Every ounce of power we wrestle from the vice grip of the mediocre Alexander Pierces who run this world was earned in blood. So let's make the power mean something. Help a brother out.

Rhodey (speaking for America at UN meeting): While we are sensitive to your concerns, until such time as you can present an actual shred of evidence to back those concerns up, I'm afraid sensitivity is all you're gonna be getting from us.

France's Representative: How do you explain Mr. Fury's presence in Moscow?

Rhodey: Uh, alleged. Alleged presence, madam.

(Slovakia's representative turns to her collegues and rolls her eyes disagreeing)

Rhodey (to a secretary): If Slovakia rolls its eyes at me one more time, I'm gonna put on the suit and carpet bomb it.

(Few moments later...)

Nick Fury: You sound frustrated. What's the matter? Croatia talking crap?

Rhodey: Slovakia.

Nick Fury: Well, carpet-bomb their a$$.

Shirley Sagar (to Gravik and members of council): I fear each one of you has forgotten our history. We did not end up homeless refugees because we were unwilling to wage war. We ended up homeless refugees because we were too willing. I do not support your coup. I will not support your war. And I do not submit.

Gravik: If I had another 100 like you, I could take on the universe.

Gravik (to Skrull council): I think it's a war! And unlike the last war each one of us around this table fought in, I'm not gonna lose this one. Humans are doomed to self-destruction. Long before we arrived on this planet, they were destined to consume themselves. So, for anyone flinching at the thought of innocent deaths, let me assure you, we're only hastening the inevitable. Put your faith in me. And I promise, your loyalty will be repaid.

Sergio Caspani: Better to behave as a human than as a dog.

Gravik: Well, I quite like dogs. In fact, I prefer'em. Dogs aren't hypocrites. And they don't lie. They don't lock each other up in cages. They don't pimp, poison, and they don't go out of their way to degrade and destroy their own habitat.

Sergio Caspani: A naive reading of human history.

Gravik: It's the only reading of human history.

Elizabeth Hill: You're Nick Fury. Maria believed in you. She would've followed you to the gates of hell and back. Look, I don't know what Maria died for out there. But whatever it was, don't let it be for nothing.

Talos: My hope... My hope is that with your help... Skrulls and humans can coexist, here on Earth.

Nick Fury: Human can't coexist with each other! You've been here long enough to know that! We've been at war with each other since we could walk upright! There is not enough room or tolerance on this planet for another species! Matter of fact, neither is this train compartment. I think this is your stop.

Russian soldier: We are looking for this individual. A Black American. Have you seen anyone fitting this description? (shows a photo of Fury)

Talos (disguised as Russian woman): A Black American. On the Moscow to Warsaw train? It would be likelier to encounter aliens.

Maria Hill: You're not ready for this, Fury. There's a very real threat out there. You were never the same after The Blip. You always told me there is no shame in walking away when the steps are uncertain. So check your footing. Otherwise someone's gonna get hurt.

Maria Hill: Making friends with the locals? (Fury bought drinks for guys in the Russian bar)

Nick Fury: How do you think we kept the Cold War from going hot? Spooks like me buying shots.

Maria Hill: You can't say that.

Nick Fury: No. You can't say that.

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