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Queen Charlotte: Get started. One of you had better produce the next ruler of the United Kingdom, or your father's line dies with him. Make me a royal baby.

Prince Edward: Mother, you can't really expect us to...

Queen Charlotte: It is not a difficult task. Your father and I made 15 royal babies all by ourselves. I do not see why the whole lot of you cannot make just one.

Queen Charlotte: The only heir to the throne is dead. (Prince starts to sob) Sorrows, sorrows. Prayers. I am stating facts. The princesses have had no babies. The princes have had a record number of babies. Illegitimate wh*re babies. We had one heir, one royal, and she is gone. (Prince sobs again) Sorrows. Prayers. Children, this is a crisis.

Queen Charlotte: And where are your babies? You have made zero heirs to the throne.

Princess Elizabeth: I am trying.

Queen Charlotte: Are you? Really? Dearest, I explained everything to you. I drew you pictures. You are doing it correctly? Making sure he's putting it in the right place?

Prince Edward: My word. There are impressionable ladies present.

Queen Charlotte: Impressionable? Trust me, Edward. No sexual innuendo makes an impression upon your sisters. I wish it did, that they might get ideas to marry and start fornicating.

Princess: Mother!

Queen Charlotte: Perhaps, then, I might have legitimate grandbabies. Instead, virgins to the left of me, wh*res to the right.

(Lady Danbury sees Charlotte for the first time...)

Lady Danbury: The pieces fall into place.

Lord Danbury: Uh, what?

Lady Danbury: Shh. I said she looks beautiful, husband.

King George (to Charlotte): You are incomparable. No one told me you'd be this beautiful. You may be too beautiful to marry me. People will talk... given I'm a troll.

Charlotte: I do apologize, Your Majesty.

King George: George. Just George. The "King" situation. It towers over us. Accident of birth on my part, but I thought, maybe, perhaps as my wife, you could ignore it, and I could be just George to you.

George: You do not like beasts or trolls? What he looks like matters?

Charlotte: I do not care what he looks like. What I do not like is not knowing.

Charlotte (about the King): I think he may be a beast.

George: A beast?

Charlotte: Or a troll.

George: Who are we discussing?

Charlotte: Oh, well, that is impertinent. None of your business. The King. No one will speak of him. No one. He is clearly a beast or a troll.

George: Understood.

George: I'm curious. What are you doing?

Charlotte: Nothing.

George: You're doing something.

Charlotte: I am not.

George: You are.

Charlotte: I am not.

George: You are.

Charlotte: If you must know, I'm trying to ascertain the best way to climb over the garden wall.

Lord Bute: Are you saying...

Princess Augusta: The King is saying. I am only his mother. I say nothing.

Lady Whistledown: The Crown now has a crisis on its hands. A crisis one can only imagine that Queen Charlotte must find galling after ruling over the matchmaking efforts of the ton and the marriage mart with such an iron fist. This author and all of England can only hope that Queen Charlotte finally turns her matchmaking energies onto her own family. After all, her majesty has 13 children and now, not a royal heir from any of them. At least, not a legitimate one. It causes one to wonder. Is the queen's knowledge of how to make a good marriage nothing but talk?

Queen Charlotte (to doctor): Have you no sense? It is treasonous to interrupt my beauty sleep. You're lucky my face is a rare jewel. If I could still have people beheaded, you would be in the queue.

Charlotte (to Adolphus): There is reason they wanted me, a stranger. And it cannot be a good reason. I know it cannot be a good reason because you have not looked me in the eye since you told me.

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