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King George: When I was an infant, my colic was never just colic. My colic was a disaster. An ill omen. The potential... ruin of England. When I was a boy, refusal to eat my peas was the potential ruin of England. An incorrect sum at mathematics, the potential ruin of England. I have lived my entire life in terror of acting incorrectly because every incorrect action threatened the ruin of England. That terror nearly broke me. I found places to hide. My farms, my observatory. My madness. I thought that terror was the price of being royal. Now, I have met a woman who is never terrified. Who does as she pleases. Breaks rules, courts scandal. Commits unthinkable impertinences. And she is the most royal person I have ever known.

Princess Augusta: Every day you fail to produce an heir, our family's position weakens.

King George: Right. Thank you for the cue. Now I ask, is that all a king is? A royal stud-horse trotted out for the chosen mare? Or can a king rule in his own way through practical scientific study? Agricultural improvement? Tell me, what would the people prefer? A royal baby or cheap bread?

Princess Augusta: Right now, they have neither.

Queen Charlotte: Brimsley, do not attempt to flatter me by talking about my children. It makes me dislike you more. Answer the question. Why have my girls never married?

Brimsley: Y... Your daughters... They are good girls. They love you. And the king... It... It happened so early. You were so young. If he had died, maybe you would have been hurt, grieved, but eventually, you would have healed and moved on. Instead...

Queen Charlotte: What? Spit it out, Brimsley. Do not become sentimental now.

Brimsley: You are still his queen. Forever frozen. Forever waiting. Your daughters could not leave you here trapped in time.

Queen Charlotte (almost crying): Go and stand over there and stop talking. Look that way. Not at me.

Lady Danbury: Coral, you need not draw baths as often.

Coral: Nonsense, my lady. It is simple now we have a full staff. Today, I've even had the new housemaid press lavender oil.

Lady Danbury: Coral! You need not draw baths as often.

Coral: My Lady. We are... We are done?

Lady Danbury: We are done.

Queen Charlotte: You live for the happiness and the misery of a great nation.

King George: Charlotte.

Queen Charlotte: No. I am saying I understand. You live for the happiness and the misery of a great nation. That must be exhausting and lonely. You must feel caged. No wonder you spend so much time in the garden.

King George: In the garden, I am a regular man.

Queen Charlotte: Farmer George.

King George: Do not feel sorry for me. I do not know anything else. I've always been this. An exhibit instead of a person.

Queen Charlotte: You are a person to me. You can be a person with me. No more even days and odd days.

King George: We shall just have days.

Lady Danbury: You are the queen. And this feels beneath you, but if you were not the queen...

Queen Charlotte: But I am.

Lady Danbury: But if you were not... your life here would be very different. Do you not understand? You are the first of your kind. That opened doors, so we are new. Do you not see us? What you are meant to do for us? I tell you to consummate. I tell you to become with child. I tell you to endure. For a reason. You're so preoccupied with whether a man likes you. You're not some simpering girl. You are our queen. Your focus should be your country. Your people. Our side. Why do you not understand that you hold our fates in your hands? Your palace walls are too high, Your Majesty.

Violet Bridgerton: It is my husband's birthday today. Was. Would be. Would have been. Edmund's birthday would've been today. I'm so sorry.

Lady Danbury: Why are you sorry?

Violet Bridgerton: He liked his birthday. He liked to celebrate, and I would make him hats. Out of paper. The kind of hats that had been made for me when I was a child. My father made me these birthday hats, and no one had ever done that for him, so I did it. I gave him childish birthdays, and... they made him so happy. I constructed these... oh, elaborate, wonderful hats, and he would wear them the entire day. He looked ridiculous in them. And we would laugh... I do not like today. It reminds me that there are no hats to make.

Lady Danbury: You are most fortunate.

Violet Bridgerton: Fortunate?

Lady Danbury: Yes.

Violet Bridgerton: I fear I must have misheard you. I am... I am fortunate?

Lady Danbury: You may not like today. But trust me. You are most fortunate.

King George: What is it?

Queen Charlotte: It is an even day, obviously.

King George: Well, we do not need to adhere to every even day.

Queen Charlotte: We do not.

King George: We did agree to even days.

Queen Charlotte: We did.

King George: The sooner you are with child, the sooner we can cease this... performance.

Queen Charlotte: Our duty will be done, and I will no longer have to view your face. Are you coming?

King George: Yes, because I would very much like to have the opportunity to no longer hear your voice.

King George (to his mother): It has been abundantly clear since my first breath that I was born for the happiness or misery of a great nation and consequently must often act contrary to my passions. I am the picture of duty. The Crown resides within me, embedded like a knife!

(The Danburies get a title and new estate...)

Lord Danbury: Do you know how this happened?

Lady Danbury: I have no idea.

Lord Danbury: I will tell you how this happened. The king sees me for who I am. My value, my worth. He understands that... the old days are over. Hm. And that this is a new world. That men are men... regardless from whence they come. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new era.

Lady Danbury: Now, I believe...

Lord Danbury: Hush, woman. I will try the key...

King George: I'm so sorry.

Queen Charlotte: Yes, well... I do not forgive you. Yet.

King George: Yet. Yet is good. Yet is hope.

King George (to Charlotte): There is something about the heavens. In this world we live in, where I'm given so much power and attention, it is good to remember I'm a bit of dust. I'm a small dot in the universe. It keeps one humble. Being king is a... hazard. My world has been made to revolve around me, and... It has made me... selfish.

Princess Augusta: You surprise me. I always thought you were a quiet one.

Lady Danbury: I am not quiet. It is simply that my husband is loud.

Violet Bridgerton: Marriage offers so much. Companionship. Tradition. Family. Warmth. And if they take the time to become close, well, a match does not have to start out as love. It can grow. Love can bloom from the thorniest of gardens, can it not?

Lady Danbury: Blooming love...

Queen Charlotte: Your flower metaphors make me nauseated with their sweetness, but I applaud your point.

Queen Charlotte: You have had two weddings in two years. How do you do it?

Violet Bridgerton: Uh, do... Do what?

Queen Charlotte: Get them to want to marry.

Violet Bridgerton: Well... It helps if they are in love.

Queen Charlotte: Love?

Violet Bridgerton: Yes. Love solves a plethora of issues.

Queen Charlotte: I'm going to speak plainly because we are all mature women here. My boys are in love. They are in love with commoners. They are in love with Catholics, and they are in love with actresses. And they are in love with women who are already married. Love is not the issue. Love has produced over 50 illegitimate babies for the Crown.

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