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Alex Karev: Avery bought a boat.

Owen Hunt: And a Batmobile, apparently.

Jackson Avery: This Batmobile goes zero to 60 in 4.7 seconds.


Alex Karev: Man, if I had that much money, I wouldn't be here. I-I'd be on a-a boat... a big boat.

(Few second later...)

Jackson Avery: You know what? I think I need a sick day.

Alex Karev: You're really that upset about it?

Jackson Avery: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Also, I just bought a boat, so... (shows him a photo)

Alex Karev: Oh, man.

Jackson Avery: How are you feeling?

Alex Karev: I-I'm feeling sick, too.

Jackson Avery: Yeah, I thought so.


Meredith Grey (narration): Superheroes. Soldiers. First responders. That’s who we think of when we think of bravery. But surgeons should make the list too. Surgeons don’t wear capes or armor. We don’t carry guns and no one throws us a parade, but we do fight like hell to save your life. And we’re also holding a knife in our hands, knowing we might be the one to end your life. Bravery isn’t always about running into the fire. Sometimes it’s about facing our past. And on the hardest days, it’s about facing the future.


Megan Hunt (to Owen): Life happens. People are imperfect. We fail and we fall, and some of us get kidnapped for a decade, and when we get a second chance at life and happiness, we seize it, regardless of who cheated! Because now we know what matters. Because now we know what's precious. Because now we know that any tiny little moment of happiness that we can grab onto in this lifetime is a moment worth having, regardless of what anyone else thinks.


Megan Hunt: Your nickname. In Baghdad. Remember? Major Diamond.

Owen Hunt: Yes.

Megan Hunt: Know why they called you that?

Owen Hunt: Well, they told me... sharp, clear, focused.

Megan Hunt: Anal-retentive. High-strung. So uptight that if you put coal in your ass, a diamond would pop out. You thought it was a compliment. Which only made it funnier.


Megan Hunt: I put thousands of hours in to become the best. The best at central lines. The best at one-handed ties. The best military officer. I had my entire career planned. I was gonna attach to Special Forces and become a general.

Owen Hunt: Your qualifications were not up for debate.

Megan Hunt: So you had to convince them that I was wrong for the job?

Owen Hunt: All I had to do was tell them the truth. That you're a child. That you make rash, reckless decisions, and you never learn better because I'm always there to bail you out! If you'd gone with Special Forces, you wouldn't have made general. You'd have been dead in under a month! And 10 years later, what have you learned? Nothing. You're running from your family. You're running from your support system. And why? Because you like the beach?! That's not a plan, Megan. That's a whim. So, yes, I tanked your strat. If I had to do it over, I would do the same damn thing!


Nathan Riggs: You can't just run off like that. You had me terrified. Is everything okay?

Farouk: You were very busy. I thought I could help. I thought I could get us some food, but there's just so many choices!


Owen Hunt (narration): As surgeons, we rely on cycles. Heartbeats. Cell regeneration. Circadian rhythms. We know something's wrong when the cycle is broken. Our duty is to fix it, to force the cogs back in line. But that break can also be useful, like a warning shot. When we come to depend on a cycle, the thought of breaking it is scary. Even if the cycle causes harm. But sometimes, when we break the cycle, we find something better, something unexpected. Something we never dared to dream was possible. We find freedom. We find peace.


Maggie Pierce: I mean, I don't know what it's like to have Beyoncé money, but I do know that research shows that having too many choices is a leading cause of stress. And now Jackson can literally choose to do anything for the rest of his life. You could buy a vineyard and never work again. Or you could buy a hospital and work until the day you die. Even if you give it away, you have to decide who gets it and who doesn't. You could buy an island. Or you could buy two islands and make them fight each other. I mean, I get that you're not complaining. But it is a problem. It is stressful. Still, it's a good problem to have, right?


Alex Karev: Man, I just wish I had a tumor to blame my stupid crap on. "DeLuca, I'm sorry I hit you. Tumor."


Alex Karev: How much money did he leave you? (meaning Harper Avery)

Meredith Grey: That's not an appropriate question.

Alex Karev: Well, I just want to know exactly. I mean, do they just back up a truckload of silver spoons?

Jackson Avery: It's a fleet of limos, not a truck.


Amelia Shepherd: I'm right here. They can't hear me. Oh, crap. Am I gorked? Oh, crap!


April Kepner (praying for Amelia): Please don't make me have to unplug her. Please don't make me have to unplug her. Lord, please make her be okay. Please let her be okay. Please don't make me have to unplug her.


Meredith Grey: Are you sure you don't want me to call your mom?

Amelia Shepherd: No. She didn't come for my wedding. She doesn't get to come for my tumor.


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