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Nami (to Luffy): Tell your first mate he'll get himself killed.

Zoro (to Luffy): Tell your navigator to butt out.

Luffy: Maybe this isn't such a great idea, Zoro.

Zoro: When you met me tied up on that cross, what did I say?

Luffy: "What makes you think I wanna play pirates with you?"

Zoro: No, the other thing.

Luffy: "I kill your kind for a living"?

Zoro: No. Come...

Luffy: Oh. That you made a promise to someone a long time ago to be the world's greatest swordsman.

Zoro: The only way to do that is to beat Mihawk in a duel and take his title. I intend to do just that.

Nami: Even if you die in the process? (to Luffy): Will you please do something?

Luffy: It's his dream, Nami. I can't get in the way of somebody's dream.

Garp: I joined the Marines over 50 years ago. A green recruit like yourself. I came in with simple ideals, but I had to adapt, because the world is not a simple place. The same set of laws do not apply to everyone.

Koby: But that's not fair.

Garp: No, it's not. But you have to decide if you can live with that. I could've been fleet admiral by now, but I always turned down the promotion. Do you know why? Because I'd have to do things their way. I'd lose my freedom. Do you understand?

Koby: Yes, sir.

Garp: The world is not fair. But the Marines are all that are standing between order and anarchy. So, let me ask you... can you live with that?

Koby: I think so.

(Usopp is drunk and dancing)

Nami: He does have a certain grace about him. Like a frantic, uncoordinated...

Zoro: Sea slug.

Nami: That's it. That's what he's like. Look at him. Like he doesn't have a care in the world.

Sanji: There's, um, this place where you can find ingredients from all four seas. East Blue, West Blue, North, and South. They call it the All Blue. Nobody knows where it is, but there's fish there that have never been seen. You know, rare seaweeds. Spices that have never been tasted. It is a cook's paradise, and I'm gonna find it one day. That's my dream.

Luffy: If you want to cook, you should cook. Don't let some stubborn old man get in the way of your dream. Stand up to him. Tell him what you want.

Sanji: It's more complicated than that.

Luffy: I don't really do complicated either.

Sanji (to Luffy): Sometimes, when I try to look ahead, all I see is back.

Krieg: You've killed my men, destroyed my fleet. Why are you after me?

Mihawk: You woke me from my nap.

Krieg: Then allow me to make it permanent!

(Krieg shoots at Mihawk, Mihawk cuts the bullet in half hitting other pirates...)

Mihawk: Such a disappointing final gambit.

Sanji: We have several rare Micqueot vintages in stock. Or perhaps you'd like a glass of Umeshu? You know, something sweet (winks) for someone sweet.

Nami: Something wrong with your eye?

Sanji: Just blinded by your beauty.

Patty: Wanna take this outside?

Sanji: Are you asking me to dance? 'Cause I kind of had my eye on that blonde at table eight.

Nami (about her crew): You'll have to excuse them. They're idiots.

Luffy: You guys smell that?

Nami: Smell what?

Luffy: There's something on the breeze. Smells like butter. Soy sauce. And meat.

Usopp: I can't smell anything.

Zoro: Think he has brain damage?

Nami: I think that every day.

Luffy: I told you it would work out.

Nami: Yeah, well, don't get used to it.

Luffy: Get used to what?

Nami: Being right.

Kaya (to Usopp): I'll see you again someday. And when I do, I expect to hear all about the real adventures of Captain Usopp.

Luffy: They... they do know I'm the captain, right?

Nami: Let them have this one.

Luffy: Gonna rob the place blind?

Nami: At least a little blurry.

Luffy: Guys. Guys. Guys. Okay, crew meeting.

Nami: Not a crew!

Zoro: Not a crew.

Luffy: We're gonna need a better ship if we want to make it to the Grand Line. A real pirate ship. Worthy of the Straw Hat Crew.

Nami: Wait. Straw Hat Crew? Really?

Luffy: Yeah, I thought it had a nice ring to it.

Zoro: "Demon" has a nice ring to it. Headgear? Not scary.

Luffy: Who says pirates have to be scary?

Nami: What is it?

Luffy: Our Jolly Roger. Every pirate crew has to have one. And now we do!

Nami: We're not a crew, and you are not hanging that on my boat.

Luffy: Zoro! Zoro, check it out.

Zoro: That's unique.

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