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Sanji: Pipe down in there.

Buggy: Or what? You gonna whip me up a soufflé?

Arlong (to Nami): You see, when an animal grows too wild, it must be brought to heel.

Zoro: I know Luffy made a deal with you to find Arlong, clown, but if this is another of your tricks...

Buggy: What are you gonna do? Bleed on me?

Zoro: Why are we bringing the waiter?

Usopp: Because we can't boil water.

Zoro: You didn't do anything wrong. You acted like a captain.

Luffy: But our crew is falling apart.

Zoro: No, it's not. I, Roronoa Zoro... vow to stand by your side from now until the end. Until we find the One Piece or die trying. So bring on the Marines or pirates or sea beasts. You're my captain, Luffy, and I'm your first mate.

Zeff (to Sanji): Quitting is staying here! Don't you get it? It's one thing to have a dream. It's another to go after it.

Nami (to Zoro): I told you in the bar I didn't have any friends, but the truth is, I couldn't let myself have them... because I always end up hurting the people closest to me.

Zeff: Needs oregano.

Little Sanji: Oregano's for savages!

Zeff: Nice try, little eggplant. Now, how do you wanna die? Quick or slow?

Little Sanji: Who cares? I'd rather die than have you season my food.

Mihawk (about Luffy): I decided to let him go.

Garp: I specifically told you to bring him to me.

Mihawk: Come now, Vice-Admiral. I don't take orders. Not even from the likes of you.

Garp: As one of the Seven Warlords, you serve at the pleasure of the World Government. Without our immunity...

Mihawk: I would still do precisely what I want. No more and no less. And what I want is to see what becomes of that young man when he enters the Grand Line.

Zoro: Luffy. If I fail to become the world's greatest swordsman... you'll be disappointed. Right?

Luffy: You could never fail me.

Zoro: Never... again. From now... until I beat him. To become the greatest swordsman... I will never lose again!

Mihawk: Roronoa Zoro, it's too soon for you to die. Grow strong and come find me. I'll be waiting.

Mihawk: You're defeated. Why do you persist?

Zoro: Wounds on the back are a swordsman's greatest shame.

Mihawk: Magnificent.

Mihawk: Why don't you retreat?

Zoro: I can't... or my dream will be lost forever.

(Mihawk takes out his tiny knife shaped like a little sword)

Zoro: What the hell is that? I'm here for a sword fight.

Mihawk: I don't hunt rabbits with a cannon.

Zoro: I'm no rabbit.

Mihawk: That remains to be seen.

Nami: What's it gonna take, huh? You want me to say you're the best? You're the best. Okay? You're the best I've ever seen, but you are not better than him. And if you fight him tomorrow, you're going to lose.

Zoro: Why do you give a sh*t?

Nami: Because you're my friend, you idiot.

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