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Maverick (about Marie): Look, for all you know, she's cool with hiding the sausage and bumping donuts. Like, sometimes, I hide in the women's showers and watch girls jerk off and sometimes I hide in the men's. Gender's just a construct.

Jordan Li: What the f**k, dude?

Maverick: Hey, man, no kink shaming.

Emma Meyer: Oh, my God, Mar, it's not that hard. Do you like Jordan? Do you want to hang out with them? Do you want to talk to them? Do you want to put your mouth on their mouth and other f**king body parts? I mean, come on. This isn't quantum physics.

Marie Moreau: I just don't know what it means.

Emma Meyer: It means that you like a person. Who gives a f**k what it means, Marie?

Marie Moreau: Okay! I do. I like them. I li-I like them.

Emma Meyer: Mm-mmm.

Marie Moreau: I got to talk to them.

Emma Meyer (to Marie about Jordan): You know what I really want in this moment? Is to pick a fit and then to hear about your new boyfriend-girlfriend, them-friend.

Edison Cardosa: I'm not paid nearly enough to die for this sh*t.

Indira Shetty: So you want a raise?

Edison Cardosa: No, that's not what I...

Indira Shetty: So why don't you tell me what it is you do want? Because we both know you're not going anywhere. Cutting up Supes and seeing how they tick is a skill that won't quite shine on your LinkedIn profile.

(Everyone forgets meeting Sam...)

Sam: I'm gonna find a way to fix this. I'm gonna make you remember.

Emma Meyer: Remember what?

Sam: That you're a hero. A real one.

Jordan Li: I didn't ask you to do that.

Marie Moreau: Yeah, you did. Like... several f**king times, actually.

Jordan Li: But I didn't want you to bury yourself in the process. You keep doing the dumb thing.

Marie Moreau: F**k. You're welcome.

Jordan Li: I don't mean you're stupid. You're f**king smart. So what's your angle?

Marie Moreau: My angle is that... Sometimes people don't have an angle. Sometimes, they're just actual human beings.

Robert Vernon (Tek-Knight): Digging for the truth is a rush. Oh, it's better than sex.

Sam: You're, uh, big you.

Emma Meyer: In all my glory.

Sam: You always do that. W-Why do you always do that?

Emma Meyer: Do what?

Sam: Whenever I say something nice, your voice gets all twisty, like it isn't true.

Jordan Li (to Marie): You are unbelievable. I would kill to be number two again. I would kill you to be number two again.

Jordan Li (to Rufus): Piece of d*ckless sh*t. (to Marie): Are you okay? That was f**king dope. How'd you do that?

Marie Moreau: No idea.


Marie Moreau: Since when do you care about anyone not named Jordan?

Jordan Li: Fine. Next time I won't rescue you, then.

Marie Moreau: You didn't.

Jordan Li: F**kin' did.

Marie Moreau: I exploded his d*ck.

Jordan Li: Because I distracted him. Tag team c*cksplosion. All right?

Marie Moreau: F**king weirdo.

Indira Shetty: You're gonna blame an innocent student for Luke's hysteria?

Robert Vernon (Tek-Knight): Oh, yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna Johnny Depp someone so hard they're gonna want to crawl into a hole and die.

(Marie and Cate share how they hurt people with their powers...)

Jordan Li: I killed my grandpa with my powers.

Cate Dunlap: No, you didn't.

Jordan Li: Yeah, I know. I was just feeling left out.

Cate Dunlap: It is not your fault. Your parents shot you up with a dangerous drug when you were a baby to make a buck off you.

Marie Moreau: No, my parents weren't like that.

Cate Dunlap: Yes, they were. They did this. You didn't. Don't spend a f**king minute crying over them.

Cate Dunlap (to Marie): You didn't know Luke. How funny he was, how much he loved his family. But shades of gray don't sell like black and white, do they?

Hailey Miller: Where did you find that kind of courage?

Marie Moreau: I'm superhuman, right? We're made of steel.

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