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Matt Murdock: I listened to you. I listened to you, and they almost died. God damn it. I'm such an idiot.

Sister Maggie: No. I'm the idiot. I told you to involve your friends, and I made things worse. I'm used to putting on a brave face when people bring their troubles to the church. And I find that they don't just bring their troubles, they bring their answers, too, if you let them talk enough. But... what you're dealing with is so far beyond my experience that... Well... all I can hope to do is help keep your wounds stitched and your head clear, so you can be safe. And I'll be more careful about giving advice to the Devil. And, occasionally, possibly, I'll try to keep my mouth shut.

Matt Murdock: Could I get that in writing?

Matt Murdock: Who are you?

Dex Poindexter: I'm Daredevil.

Sister Maggie: Hallelujah. So you can dress like a normal human being. Well, it warms my heart to see you going out to do something other than beat someone up.

Matt Murdock: How do you know? Could just be adding style to my beatings.

Sister Maggie: Did you... Did you just make a joke? You look ready to smile, which I'm sure in your case means... Well, I don't know what that could mean, as I've never actually seen one. This have something to do with the blond who came to visit me today?

Foggy Nelson: I think you have Matt Murdock all wrong.

Ray Nadeem: Yeah, well, uh... I don't think I do. I think Matt Murdock is hiding a double life. Lawyer by day and criminal by night. And you and Ms. Page both know all about it.

Wilson Fisk (to his lawyer): Right now, I am New York's scapegoat. Downstairs, there are protesters chanting prayers to drive me out into the wilderness. The attention that it brings is an impediment for my plan. Fortunately, the public is easily distracted. Which makes the solution for my problem quite simple. The city needs a new villain. And I think I might've found him.

Tammy Hattley: My dad was a trucker. He mostly hauled chemical tankers. He'd bring 'em to the house overnight before heading out sometimes. And I'd have nightmares, thinking about what could happen. But when my dad found out, he showed me a diamond-shaped decal on the back with the colors and numbers. He told me the numbers tell you how high the level of danger is. He only hauled level four, safest stuff. Once I knew that, it didn't seem so scary anymore.

Ray Nadeem: Level four is the most lethal code.

Tammy Hattley: But I didn't know that. And I didn't worry when he drove off every morning in a rolling fire bomb. The lies that keep us safe are the ones worth telling.

Matt Murdock: Do you believe people can change?

Sister Maggie: I'm still holding out hope.

Matt Murdock: I don’t think we can. Not really. I think we come into this world who we are. And maybe we get a little nicer. Or a little angrier. But we can't change our fundamental nature.

Karen Page: We have to do something... I have to do something about this. So don't tell me to back off, 'cause I won't.

Mitchell Ellison: You know, it took Ben decades to become this much of a pain in my ass.

Wilson Fisk (to Ray): I've spent much of my life alone. And for many years, I pretended that this was the source of my strength. I told myself I had free will. And in that time, I achieved a great deal. But I was not fulfilled. I was longing for a connection that I could imagine but I could not achieve. Searching and not finding. Until Vanessa. Until I discovered love. I thought I would explode with the sense of power and freedom that she brought me. That the world lay at my feet. But then that passed when I discovered the great lie at the heart of love. That what I took for true freedom was precisely the reverse. You can build a prison of stone and steel, but you merely present the prisoner with a challenge. Any truly determined man will find a way out. But love... Love is the perfect prison. Inescapable. So you see, Agent Nadeem... I am always in prison, wherever I go. And if these things (cuffs on his hands) help me protect Vanessa, then they are nothing to me. I will do whatever I must.

Theo Nelson: Go do what you're good at. You're livin' the dream.

Foggy Nelson: Am I?

Theo Nelson: You're sh*ttin' me.

Foggy Nelson: I had this idea of how things were gonna go. Matt and I talked a lot about what we'd do. Open our own firm. Help people. Get rich. I was the get rich part. He was the help people part. When he was around, I knew who I was. Now...