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Ryan Shaver: Just take a brochure. They have scholarships.

Tony Padilla: I don’t need a brochure, don’t need your scholarship, and I don’t need four years of wasted time. I have skills.

Hannah Baker: And a sweet Mustang.

Justin Foley: What if we make it look like a suicide. How tragic is that? I mean, two star-crossed lovers or some shit like that.

Hannah Baker (from the tape): Some girls know all the lyrics to each other’s songs. They find harmonies in their laughter. Their linked elbows echo in tune. What if I can’t hum on key? What if my melodies are the ones nobody hears?

Clay Jensen: It’s Justin Foley and Zach Dempsey, star basketball players here at Liberty High. Hey, Justin, where’s my bike? Justin stole my bike.

Justin Foley: What the fuck? What are you doing?

Clay Jensen: I’m giving our new foreign exchange students a tour. Figured they should know who owns the school, right, you guys?

Hannah Baker (from the tape): See, I have this theory, Zach. I have this theory that you’re lonely too. Could that be possible? What kind of lonely could the great Zach Dempsey possibly feel? Maybe that kind where you think no one truly sees you. I know that kind of lonely. Do you?

Zach Dempsey: I freaked, okay? That letter. That shit was heavy, and… I didn’t know what to do.

Clay Jensen: So you threw it away.

Zach Dempsey: No. No, I didn’t. Hannah lied about that. Maybe that’s what she saw, I don’t know. I freaked out. But I never threw it away. I’m sorry, Clay. I’ll always be sorry.

Hannah Baker: What if the only way not to feel bad is to stop feeling anything at all, forever?

Clay Jensen (to Tony): Those tapes are messing me up. They’re doing shit to my head.

Clay Jensen: This isn’t a talk, is it?

Matt Jensen: No talk. We’ll communicate through semaphores.

Clay Jensen: I can see how you’d think I’d be the one person in the world to laugh at that, but…

Zach Dempsey: This shit that happens to you… I think some of it you bring on yourself.

Hannah Baker: Is that what you think? Thanks for the insight, genius.

Zach Dempsey: I was… I was trying to be nice.

Hannah Baker: Well, you failed.

Zach Dempsey: Well, fuck you.

Hannah Baker (from the tape): It happened after Valentine’s Day… when you really feel that lack of human contact. Especially when you make contact with the wrong human. That’s a whole new level of lonely. But through it all… you still want to believe there are good guys in the world. You were kind that night. You just sat there, letting me ignore you… until it was almost comical.