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Clay Jensen: Did I kill Hannah Baker?

Tony Padilla: No, she took her own life, Clay. That was her choice. But you, me, everyone on these tapes, we all let her down. We didn't let her know that she had another choice. Maybe we could have saved her, maybe not. I think it's impossible to know.

Clay Jensen: Answer the f*cking question. Knowing what you know, believing what you believe, knowing me, knowing her, and what's on these tapes... did I kill Hannah Baker?

Tony Padilla: Yeah.

Clay Jensen: And this just gets worse, right?

Tony Padilla: You afraid?

Clay Jensen: Yeah. I'm gonna listen anyway.

Hannah Baker (from the tape): I know it was guilt I was feeling. And anger. I think lots of anger. Anger at the whole f*cking world and the way it works. But mostly anger at myself. For what I could have had, and never would. That's terrible decision number two. That's up next. That's another sad and stupid story. There's so much wrong in the world. There's so much hurt. I couldn't take knowing I'd made it worse. And I couldn't take knowing it would never get any better.

Jeff's father: Then why are you apologizing?

Clay Jensen: I've been angry at Jeff since he died because he told me he was sober, and I thought he lied and did something stupid, and I hated him for leaving that way, and I was wrong. I was wrong.

Clay Jensen: Jeff and I... we were just friends at school, I guess. But he was older than me, and on the baseball team and everything, and I wasn't really anybody.

Jeff's mother: Well... you were to him.

Clay Jensen: Yeah. He was really nice to me.

Bryce Walker: Jess, is that thing loaded?

Jessica Davis: Of course not. (pulls out a full magazine from the gun) Sh*t. I guess it was loaded. My bad.

Clay Jensen: Every day they live not knowing the truth. They need this, Sheri.

Sheri Holland: They do, or you do?

Clay Jensen: Sheri, they're hurting.

Sheri Holland: How do you know that? Did you go see them?

Clay Jensen: That's not the point. You can't keep this secret anymore.

Sheri Holland: It's my secret, not yours.

Alex Standall: Jesus, Montgomery, leave him alone.

Montgomery de la Cruz: Why? You want to go again?

Alex Standall: Do you? Didn't you just get back from suspension?

Montgomery de la Cruz: F*ck you, Alex.

Alex Standall: No thanks, Monty, you're not man enough.

Montgomery de la Cruz: Okay.

Tyler Down: I suppose you expect me to thank you.

Alex Standall: Actually I'd like it if you never spoke to me again.

Hannah Baker (from the tape): I just needed to be alone. This was starting to be more than I could live with.

Sheri Holland (to Hannah): Keep your mouth shut. You speak of this to anyone, and we both pay the price. And it's probably best if... we just stay away from each other.

Clay Jensen (to Hannah): Every drama has to be your drama, or it doesn't count. Somehow this is all about you. It's incredible.

Alex Standall (to Clay): I mean, like... right now, maybe it's easier being mad at him than being sad. That's cool. But... I also think that maybe someday you might feel worse if all you were today was mad, you know what I mean? Sometimes you judge people... I mean, we all do. Sometimes you just... live to regret it.

Alex Standall (to Clay): Can't believe this f*cking school. They're already putting up drunk driving posters.

Sheri Holland (to Clay): I didn't want you judging me for the worst thing I've ever done. Other people, they know my secret. But you're different.