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Funny Anti-Valentine’s Day Quotes for Singles and Non-Romantics

Not fond of celebrating Valentine’s Day? You’re definitely not alone. This holiday brings in mixed feelings, some might be preassured to buy gifts and celebrate, showing their love in some extravagant way… And let’s be honest, who would like it,… Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day: Best of Quotes, Sayings and Poems

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th, as we all know, but what do we wish one another? We’re here to help! We bring you all the quotes and wishes you could need. Whether you’re in love, married, single, or… Continue Reading →

4th of July: Best of Quotes and Sayings to celebrate Independence Day

In today’s world, America’s celebration of the 4th of July is viewed as a gathering of families and friends, grilling, having fun, and watching fireworks. Let’s not forget the true meaning behind the holiday – Independence Day is celebrating not… Continue Reading →

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