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Venom (2018) Quotes

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Venom: "Parasite"?

Eddie Brock: Yeah. It's a term of endearment, that's all.

Venom: Apologize!

Eddie Brock: No.

Venom: Apologize!

Eddie Brock: All right, fine. I'm sorry. So, what do you want to do now?

Venom: The way I see it, we can do whatever we want.

Carlton Drake: You're too late. This is the next stage...

(Eddie kicks him off the platform)

Eddie Brock: You talk too much.

Eddie Brock: Oh, Jesus! You can take this guy, right?

Venom: He has got shit you have never seen.

Eddie Brock: What does that mean? What are our chances?

Venom: Hmm. Pretty much zero.

Eddie Brock: Oh, fuck it. Well, let's go save the planet.

(In an office in one of the top floors of a tall building...)

Venom: Jump. (Eddie takes an elevator) Pussy.

Guy 1: What the hell?

Guy 2: Dude! How did you do that?

Eddie Brock: Apparently, I have a parasite.

Venom: Outstanding. Now let's bite all their heads off and pile them up in the corner.

Eddie Brock: Why would we do that?

Venom: Pile of bodies, pile of heads.

Venom: What are you doing?

Eddie Brock: I'm, uh... I'm putting my hands up.

Venom: You are making us look bad.

Eddie Brock: I... No, I am not.

Venom: Yes, you are.

Eddie Brock: No, I'm not.

Venom: Yes, you are!

Eddie Brock: No, I'm not.

Venom: Why would you do that?

Eddie Brock: 'Cause it is a very sensible thing to do.

Venom: I will take care of this myself.

Eddie Brock: We cannot just hurt people.

Venom: Look into my eyes, Eddie. The way I see it, WE can do whatever WE want. Do we have a deal?

Carlton Drake: Look around at the world, who do you see? A planet on the brink of collapse. Human beings are disposable. But man and symbiote combined, this is the new race, a new species, a higher lifeform.

Venom Quotes

Following a scandal caused by confrontation, journalist Eddie Brock has his life in ruins. After getting new information about the Life Foundation, he attempts to continue his initial investigation. While investigating the research facility he comes into contact with an alien symbiote Venom. Sharing the same body Venom becomes Eddie’s alter ego and their connection allows them to use Venom’s superpowers. │ Produced by Sony