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(Tony freaks out...)

Tony Stark: Check the heart. Check the... Check the... Is it the brain?

Jarvis: No sign of cardiac anomaly or unusual brain activity.

Tony Stark: Ok, so I was poisoned?

Jarvis: My diagnosis is that you've experienced a severe anxiety attack.

Tony Stark: Me?

(Tony is designing his suit to fly to him in bits and attach to him...)

Tony Stark: Alright, I think we got this. Send them all. Probably a little fast. Slow it down. Slow it down just a... little bit. Cool it, will you Jarvis? (Last piece is the face mask...) Come on. I ain't scared of you. I'm the best.

(His suit falls apart, knocking Tony on the ground...)

Jarvis: As always, sir, a great pleasure watching you work.

Tony Stark: DUM-E. Hi, DUM-E. How did you get that cap on your head? You earned it. Hey. Hey! What are you doing out of the corner? You know what you did. Blood on my mat. Handle it.

Jarvis: I've also prepared a safety briefing for you to entirely ignore.

Tony Stark: Which I will.

Jarvis: Alright, let's do this.

Tony Stark (narration): A famous man once said, "We create our own demons". Who said that? What does that even mean? It doesn't matter. I said it because he said it. So, now, he was famous and it's basically getting said by two well-known guys. I don't... I'm going to start again. Let's track this from the beginning.