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Tony Stark (to Fury): I'm sorry. I don't wanna get off on the wrong foot. Do I look at the patch or the eye?

Nick Fury: Sir! I'm gonna have to ask you to exit the donut.

Tony Stark: I told you I don't wanna join your super-secret boy band.

Justin Hammer: You'll be able to access that as soon as we generate some encrypted pass codes. Can we generate some encrypted pass codes? Get some of those encrypted pass codes, Jack.

(Ivan Vanko hacks the computer and gains access)

Justin Hammer: Never mind, I... Wow. Okay. Good stuff.

(Ivan Vanko says something in Russian)

Justin Hammer: Sorry?

Ivan Vanko: Software sh*t.

Justin Hammer: Well... You're good. You really blasted in past the firewall there.

Tony Stark: How do I spell your name, Natalie?

Natasha Romanoff: R-U-S-H-M-A-N.

Pepper Potts: What, are you gonna google her now?

Tony Stark: I thought I was ogling her.

Tony Stark: I don't care about the liberal agenda any more. It's boring. Boring. I'm giving you a boring alert. You do it.

Pepper Potts: I do what?

Tony Stark: Excellent idea. I just figured this out. You run the company.

Pepper Potts: Yeah, I'm trying to run the company.

Tony Stark: Pepper, I need you to run the company. Well, stop trying to do it and do it.

Pepper Potts: You will not give me the information...

Tony Stark: I'm not asking you to try...

Pepper Potts: order to...

Tony Stark: I'm asking you to physically do it. I need you to do it.

Pepper Potts: I am trying to do it!

Tony Stark: Pepper, you're not listening to me!

Pepper Potts: No, you are not listening to me.

Tony Stark: I'm trying to make you CEO. Why won't you let me?

Pepper Potts: Have you been drinking?

Tony Stark: Chlorophyll. I hereby irrevocably appoint you chairman and CEO of Stark Industries, effective immediately. Yeah, done deal. Okay? I've actually given this a fair amount of thought, believe it or not. Doing a bit of headhunting, so to speak, trying to figure out who a worthy successor would be. And then I realised it's you. It's always been you. I thought there'd be a legal issue, but actually I'm capable of appointing my successor. My successor being you.

Jarvis (to Tony): Welcome home, sir. Congratulations on the opening ceremonies. They were such a success, as was your Senate hearing. And may I say how refreshing it is to finally see you in a video with your clothing on, sir.

Tony Stark: My bond is with the people. And I will serve this great nation at the pleasure of myself. If there's one thing I've proven it's that you can count on me to pleasure myself.

Tony Stark: It's working. We're safe. America is secure. You want my property? You can't have it. But I did you a big favour. I've successfully privatized world peace.

Tony Stark: I am Iron Man. The suit and I are one. To turn over the Iron Man suit would be to turn over myself, which is tantamount to indentured servitude or prostitution, depending on what state you're in.

Senator Stern: Do you or do you not possess a specialised weapon?

Tony Stark: I do not.

Senator Stern: You do not?

Tony Stark: I do not. Well, it depends on how you define the word "weapon."

Senator Stern: The Iron Man weapon.

Tony Stark: My device does not fit that description.

Senator Stern: Well... How would you describe it?

Tony Stark: I would describe it by defining it as what it is, Senator.

Senator Stern: As?

Tony Stark: It's a high-tech prosthesis. That is... That is... That's actually the most apt description I can make of it.

Tony Stark: What are you up to later?

Marshal: Serving subpoenas.

Tony Stark: Yikes.

Happy Hogan: He doesn't like to be handed things.

Tony Stark: Yeah, I have a peeve.

Happy Hogan: I got it.

Marshal: You are hereby ordered to appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.

Tony Stark: Can I see a badge?

Marshal: You wanna see the badge?

Happy Hogan: He likes the badge.

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