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Cal Kestis: How come you're no longer a Jedi?

Cere Junda: I had an experience that... Changed my perspective. So I... Cut myself off from the Force.

Cal Kestis: But you still want to rebuild the Order?

Cere Junda: I believe that rebuilding the Order is the best chance we have against the Empire. What do you believe?

Cal Kestis: I believe I can't keep hiding from the Empire, so I don't really have a choice.

Cere Junda: Cal, as long as you're alive you will always have a choice. Are you with us?

Cal Kestis: We're in.

BD-1: Twee dee doo!

Greez Dritus: Hold on, wait a minute, wait a minute. A holo-what?

Cere Junda: A holocron. It stores information but only accessible to Jedi. Hang on, I think I have one around here. (hands Cal a holocron) Use the Force.

(Cal opens the holocron, Obi-Wan's hologram message appears)

Obi-Wan Kenobi: This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. I regret to report that both our Jedi Order and the Republic have fallen...

Cal Kestis (to BD-1): You know, I've been alone for... a while now. Without any... purpose. Just hiding. It's no way to live. Not for a Jedi. Or a droid. Maybe Cere was right. Maybe we're done hiding.

Jaro Tapal (to Cal): The path is difficult. It may seem impossible, but with persistence and the Force as your ally, you will overcome any obstacle. You will master any path.

(Cal gets hit by electricity...)

BD-1: Beep? Be-boop?

Cal Kestis: Yeah, I'm alright.

BD-1: Boop-bap!

Cal Kestis: Huh? A healing stim? You're full of surprises. (uses the stim) That's... better. Thanks, little droid.

BD-1: Bwoo bo!

Cal Kestis: Okay, let's try this again. (BD-1 starts climbing Cal's leg) Hm, oh, uhh... Okay, ha ha. Here, hop on board. (puts BD-1 on his back)

Greez Dritus (to Cal): You were talkin' in your sleep. (grunts) Weirdo. Huh.

Prauf: I've been working on this heap a long time. Way before the war. We refit and rebuilt ships. Best in the galaxy. Then came the Empire. And engineers... Became scrappers. The workers... Just started getting worked. But we all know the truth. We're just... Too afraid to say it. To the Empire... we're all just expendable.

Prauf: Listen to me. A finder's fee like this could be your ticket off this soggy rock.

Cal Kestis: What makes you think I want out of here?

Prauf (laughs): Come on, Cal. You're a young guy. You don't wanna end up like me. Eventually you gotta move on and live your life. Find your destiny.

(Cal and Prauf find a Jedi cruiser...)

Prauf: I guess, it's just our lucky day. Empire's gonna get a lot of good material out of it. Yep. Here we are scrapping these ships from the war just so they can turn around and make new ones. What a racket, huh? All of us risking our necks for the bosses. And the pay was better back during the Republic too.

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