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Kevin Ball: I'm gonna put this sign outside so people know to come in the back.

(Holds up the sign, so V can see it, it says "C*m this way")

Veronica Fisher: You realize that's not how you spell "come," right?

(Kevin looks at the sign all confused)

(V and Kev find out they're having triplets...)

Veronica Fisher: I'm having a damn litter!

Kevin Ball: Baby, you know what this means? I got a magic dick. I don't know whether to freak out, or thrust my almighty dick in everyone's face!

Veronica Fisher: You need to be freaking out. I'm having triplets!

Kevin Ball: Triplets! Triplets! (goes out to the hallway and tells everyone who walks by...): I got a magic p*nis, man. I got a magic p*nis!

Veronica Fisher: Would you shut the f**k up!?

Kevin Ball: I got a magic p*nis.

(V finds out her mother is 12 weeks pregnant...)

Carol Fisher: Honey, I promise, I didn't know!

Veronica Fisher: Please, you always know. You're like a walking pee stick!

Carol Fisher: Yeah, in the past, but this time...

Veronica Fisher: There is no "this time." You kept quiet 'cause you wanted to keep f**king my husband! (to couple sitting near): What the f**k are you looking at, huh? My husband f**ked my mother to get pregnant. Sorry we can't all have our baby the normal way!

Kevin Ball: Hey, what can I say? Once you go white, you always stay tight. Hey, I think I just insulted myself.

Fiona Gallagher: Jimmy doesn't seem angry exactly. He seems quiet.

Kevin Ball: Oh, god. Stop. Would you stop right there? We get quiet for one minute, and you guys think that we're obsessing about the relationship. And all we're thinking is, "I wonder if there's any more cheese."

Veronica Fisher: You mean we make you smarter than you are?

Kevin Ball: No, no, no. You make us more interested in you than we are.

Veronica Fisher (to Fiona): So is Lip getting serious about Mandy "Sk*nkovich"? (Mandy walks in)

Mandy Milkovich: Nice.

Veronica Fisher: Oh, sh*t, Mandy, I'm sorry. You know I would have never said that to your face. (Mandy runs away) Should I apologize or leave? I'm gonna leave.

Mickey Milkovich: Frank here?

Fiona Gallagher: No.

Mickey Milkovich: When's he going to be back?

Fiona Gallagher: For as long as I've been alive, I haven't known the answer to that question.

Veronica Fisher: That is the dirtiest white boy in America.

Kevin Ball: I thought you didn't want to have any kids.

Veronica Fisher: Based on what?

Kevin Ball: You saying how much you hate 'em.

Veronica Fisher: Yeah, other people's. But I might not mind having a baby Kev runnin' round.

Kevin Ball: A little "tomorrow person"?

Fiona Gallagher: What?

Kevin Ball: That's what I call little mixed-race babies: Tomorrow people. Little people of tomorrow.

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