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Vanessa Marianna: When I first met you, I was fascinated by your strength. Your brutality so clear to me, even as you hid it from me. I wanted to observe everything you did. And as I did, I fell in love with you. But this? If this is all we have... it will leave me lonely, Wilson. As lonely as I was in Spain. When you stopped your man from speaking in front of me, I... I was reminded that I am not a part of your life. Not fully, and so not at all. And this... I don't want to admire your world. I want to live inside of it with you.

Wilson Fisk: Vanessa, it's one thing to know my work, but it's another... to dirty your hands with it.

Vanessa Marianna: My hands were never clean. If you truly want me... share your life with me. Fully.

Wilson Fisk: Come with me, please.

Vanessa Marianna: You're not gonna offer to buy every painting in here so I can close up early? A guy actually tried that once.

Wilson Fisk: A woman that can be bought... isn't worth having.

Vanessa Marianna: I'm partial to Italian.

Wilson Fisk: We agree on more than art.

Vanessa Marianna: People always ask me how can we charge so much for what amounts to gradations of white. I tell them it's not about the artist's name or the skill required... not even about the art itself. All that matters is... "How does it make you feel?"

Wilson Fisk: It makes me feel alone.

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