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Elena Gilbert: Part of me wishes that I could forget too. Forget meeting you... finding out what you are, and everything that's happened since.

Stefan Salvatore: If that's what you want.

Elena Gilbert: Yes. It is. Because I don't want it to be like this. I don't wanna feel like this. But I can't. With everything that's happened... I can't lose the way I feel about you.

Damon Salvatore (to Vicki): You don't have to kill to feed. Find someone tasty... and then erase their memory. It's so easy.

Stefan Salvatore: There's no guarantee that you can control yourself, okay? It takes years to learn that. You could kill somebody. You have to carry that with you for the rest of your life, which is eternity.

Damon Salvatore: Don't listen to him. He walks on a moral plane way out of our eyeline. I say snatch, eat, erase.

Stefan Salvatore: Hey, look at me. We choose our own path. Our values and our actions, they define who we are.

Damon Salvatore: Okay, Count Deepak.

Damon Salvatore: You don't talk.

Tyler Lockwood: Screw you, dude.

Damon Salvatore: "Dude"? Really? "Dude"?

Stefan Salvatore: Damon, don't.

Damon Salvatore: Oh, come on. Who's gonna miss this idiot?

Stefan Salvatore (to Elena): That necklace... it contains an herb called vervain. It protects you from being compelled. I wanted to protect you from Damon's influence. But I also wanted... to protect you from me. Elena, you should never take that necklace off. No matter what happens after today and no matter how you feel about me... you'll know that you were free to make your own choice.

Katherine Pierce: I'll need someone to escort me to the Founder's Ball.

Stefan Salvatore: I would be honored.

Damon Salvatore: With pleasure.

Katherine Pierce: The smart and kind Salvatore brothers both coming to my rescue. How will I ever choose?

Stefan Salvatore: I wanna show you something.

Elena Gilbert: In the middle of nowhere?

Stefan Salvatore: This didn't used to be nowhere. Used to be my home.

Elena Gilbert: It looks so...

Stefan Salvatore: Old? It's because they are.

Elena Gilbert: Wait. How long have you?

Stefan Salvatore: I've been 17 years old... since 1864.

Elena Gilbert: Oh, my God.

Elena Gilbert: You Google "vampire," you get a world of fiction. What's reality?

Stefan Salvatore: I can tell you whatever you want.

Elena Gilbert: I know you eat garlic.

Stefan Salvatore: Yes.

Elena Gilbert: And, somehow, sunlight's not an issue?

Stefan Salvatore: We have rings that protect us.

Elena Gilbert: Crucifixes?

Stefan Salvatore: Decorative.

Elena Gilbert: Holy water?

Stefan Salvatore: Drinkable.

Elena Gilbert: Mirrors?

Stefan Salvatore: Myth.

Elena Gilbert: You said you don't kill to survive.

Stefan Salvatore: Animal blood keeps me alive. I'm not as strong as Damon.

Stefan Salvatore: Elena. I would never hurt you. You're safe with me.

Elena Gilbert: All those animal attacks, those people who died?

Stefan Salvatore: No. That was Damon.

Elena Gilbert: Damon?

Stefan Salvatore: Yes. I don't drink human blood. That's not how I choose to survive, but Damon does. I'll explain everything to you, but I beg you, Elena... do not tell anybody.

Elena Gilbert: How can you ask me that?

Stefan Salvatore: Because you knowing this is dangerous for so many reasons. You can hate me, but I need you to trust me.

(After Stefan traps Damon in the basement...)

Stefan Salvatore (narration): I did what I had to do to protect Elena. To protect everyone. Yes, Damon, the headline reads: "Deadly beast captured. All is well in Mystic Falls."

Damon Salvatore: It's cool not growing old. I like being the eternal stud.

Stefan Salvatore: Yes, being a 150-year-old teenager has been the height of my happiness.

Damon Salvatore: You cracked a funny, Stefan. I should have a drink and celebrate.

Damon Salvatore: My goodness, I've driven you to drink.

Stefan Salvatore: Can't seem to rid myself of you. What else am I supposed to do, besides go about living my life?

Damon Salvatore: "Go about living my life." See, therein lies your eternal struggle. You're dead, dude. Get over it.

Stefan Salvatore (narration): The real animal is still out there, waiting for me... challenging me to fight back, to stop him. But how do I stop a monster without becoming one myself?

(After Damon kills the coach...)

Stefan Salvatore (narration): I thought there was hope. That somewhere deep inside... something in Damon was still human, normal. But I was wrong. There's nothing human left in Damon. No good, no kindness, no love. Only a monster who must be stopped.

(After Damon tried to compel and kiss Elena...)

Damon Salvatore: Guess I could just seduce her... the old-fashioned way. Or I could just eat her.

Stefan Salvatore: No. You're not gonna hurt her, Damon.

Damon Salvatore: No?

Stefan Salvatore: Because deep down inside, there is a part of you that feels for her. I was worried that you had no humanity left inside of you... that you may have actually become the monster... that you pretend to be.

Damon Salvatore: Who's pretending?

Stefan Salvatore: Then kill me.

Damon Salvatore: Well, I'm tempted.

Stefan Salvatore: No, you're not. You've had lifetimes to do it, and yet, here I am. I'm still alive. And there you are. You're still haunting me. After 145 years. Katherine is dead. And you hate me because you loved her, and you torture me because you still do. And that, my brother, that is your humanity.

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