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Shuri: Don't worry, I'll guide you through it. It's just like riding a hoverbike.

Everett Ross: What? You guys have hoverbikes?

Ramonda: T'Challa, we will not leave Wakanda.

T'Challa: It is my duty to keep you safe.

Shuri: If he gets control of our technology, nowhere will be safe. The Black Panther lives. And when he fights for the fate of Wakanda, I will be right there beside him.

Nakia: As will I.

Everett Ross: I'm in too. What? You're gonna need all the help you can get.

M'Baku: (yawns) Are you're done? A-Are you-are you- are you done?

Shuri: The nanites absorb the kinetic energy and hold it in place for redistribution. (new Black Panther suit)

T'Challa: Very nice.

Shuri: Strike it again in the same spot.

T'Challa: You're recording?

Shuri: For research purposes.

(T'Challa punches the suit and it throws him back across the room, Shuri is laughing)

T'Challa: Delete that footage.

Shuri: Exhibit A. (Black Panther suit)

T'Challa: My design.

Shuri: Old tech.

T'Challa: Old?

Shuri: Functional, but old. "Hey, people are shooting me. Wait, let me put on my helmet."

Shuri (about new shoes): Fully automated. Like the old American movie Baba used to watch. And I made them completely sound absorbent.

T'Challa: Interesting.

Shuri: Guess what I call them. Sneakers. Because you... Never mind.

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