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Shaun Murphy: What does it feel like to be a girl? Are you angry? Was that an inflammatory question?

Quinn Darby: I'd rather people ask questions instead of pointing and staring. When I used to look like a boy, I felt... different. The kids at school didn't understand me, so they picked on me. I spent a lot of time alone. When my parents let me be me, I felt... like I didn't have to pretend anymore. I felt free, like when you're in a pool and you just let go and float.

Shaun Murphy: I'm not a very good swimmer. I don't know what it feels like to be anyone but me.

Quinn Darby: Me, too.

Jared Kalu: You're actually enjoying this scut work, aren't you?

Shaun Murphy: Yes. We are being helpful.

Jared Kalu: We're not doing this to be helpful, Murphy. We're doing this because you pissed off Lim, and I'm collateral damage.

Shaun Murphy: We're still being helpful.

Jared Kalu: Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter, competition's over.

Shaun Murphy: Is it?

Jared Kalu: We're in here and not with the patient. No face time plus you calling her a "he" equals crappy survey scores.

Shaun Murphy: It's okay. It's a game. It's not important.

Jared Kalu: It is to me. I'm a pariah. These scores are part of our resident evaluation. Our jobs depend on them. Mine does, at least.

Shaun Murphy: Then we should do this scut work very well.

Shaun Murphy: Why did you give Gus a doughnut?

Morgan Reznick: I was being nice. I needed my patient's labs expedited. Gus likes doughnuts.

Jared Kalu: It's called bribery.

Morgan Reznick: I call it "basic human decency."

Morgan Reznick (to Jared): Are you the autistic one?

Jared Kalu: No.

Shaun Murphy: That's me. Dr. Shaun Murphy.

Shaun Murphy: I don't need a father. I hate fathers. I need a friend.

Aaron Glassman: Shaun, I-I am someone who can't help but give advice, you know? I don't know if I can not do that.

Shaun Murphy: So you think I can change and you can't?

Aaron Glassman: I think that we have a certain kind of relationship. And we can call it something different if we want, but we can't magically make it different. You said that you wanted space. You said that you needed space.

Shaun Murphy: I-I think you should be my friend.

Aaron Glassman: Shaun...

Shaun Murphy: Okay.

Neil Melendez: The fact that you're alive right now is evidence that you were working with dimethyl sulfate.

Shaun Murphy: You're a terrorist, aren't you?

Pacient: My brother works for a drug company. They use dimethyl sulfate to make one of their medications. He stole some for me.

Shaun Murphy: So you could make a chemical weapon.

Pacient: So I could make perfume. Smell that.

Shaun Murphy: It's... beautiful. But very stupid.

Claire Browne: Does she know you're going there because she is going there?

Shaun Murphy: I'm not. Lea makes me happy.

Claire Browne: Well, Lea's not the only one that can do that. I'm gonna miss you.

Lea: Dr. Glassman is just trying to help you.

Shaun Murphy: I don't want help.

Lea: But what if... you need help?

Shaun Murphy: How will I know if I stay?

Shaun Murphy: Why would I make people nervous?

Dr. Ko: 'Cause you have a gift. And surgeons judge themselves against their peers, and right now, you're winning.

Lea: No more conference calls. No more never-ending meetings. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is, uh... is moving.

Shaun Murphy: Why would you move?

Lea: Because that's where the shop that I'm gonna work at is. I got the Striped Tomato. My brother, Donny, got Grandpa Rod's shop in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It's been over a year, but every time I drive his car, I... keep thinking... "You know, I don't need a more impressive title or $1 million." He would take me fishing in Alaska every summer, skiing every winter break. I haven't taken more than one day off in four years because I always work. It never stops. And just taking this trip with you made me realize I, uh... I want to enjoy my life, you know?

Lea: My Grandpa Rod died last year, and he left me his most prized possession.

Shaun Murphy: It's the S-Striped Tomato.

Lea: Oh, my God. You like "Starsky & Hutch"?

Shaun Murphy: It's okay.

Lea: A meticulous packer and a "Starsky & Hutch" fan. Grandpa Rod would have loved you.

Shaun Murphy: I... I want to make my own decisions.

Aaron Glassman: Shaun, can you keep your voice down, please? Please?

Shaun Murphy: You... You cannot keep ordering me around, okay? You're not my father!